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Nike Runs Wild with LunarGlide + 2

On June 23, I laced up my Nike sneaks and headed for a run.

My new Nike sneaks, that is.

Nike LunarGlide + 2 Women's Running Shoe

I attended Nike’s latest press event at 555 West 18th Street to test out their latest gear, from the LunarGlide + 2 sneaker all the way down to their latest sports bra, the Nike Swift. Everything I could possibly need to have a successful workout was given for me to test, and I did just that. The first two-mile run went well, but I knew I really needed to give these a good workout so you knew whether they’d be a worthwhile purchase. Here’s what I found:

LunarGlide + 2 Women’s Running Shoe

This shoe is sleek, sexy and gets the job done. I’ve already covered about 20 miles running with these puppies, plus add on the many miles on the elliptical, treadmill and stair climber. The shoe was designed for daily training use, with a fantastic combination of breathable mesh on the forefront and Nike’s supportive flywire technology along the midsole and heel. Nike also utilizes the Dynamic Support platform, BRS1000 carbon rubber and Lunarlite midsole in this shoe, which essentially adjusts the shoe to my stride. It provided extra comfort throughout my run and molded to my gait along the way. I didn’t feel the usual pain in my knees that I often experience while running (a result of a torn ACL) and my toes didn’t go numb from lack of blood flow (something I often experience due to a blood disorder — I’m a big medical mess).

The LunarGlide +2 is now selling for $100 in stores.This shoe also comes in a variety of colors and you can design them to fit your personality. Mine came in hot pink and grey and I can’t help but notice people staring at my vibrant shoes amongst the pack of dull, dirty ones I often see at the gym.

Stay tuned for my review of the next Nike product I tested. For now, it’s time to hit the ground running.

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