Run through the Cold Season

As it gets colder, add layers!

Winter season is quickly approaching and many are preparing to amp up the volume on holiday preparation and send their workout into hibernation. Don’t! I understand winter can be cold and it’s difficult to work up the motivation to go out for a run, especially when there are so many other things going on. But try to remember that you are important too, and working out is a daily present your body wants. From outer gear to mindset tactics, I have some running tips to help you plow through the season.

Bring a friend. Recruit a running buddy as often as possible. When someone else is relying on you to show up, you’re less likely to bail. Having a partner by your side will also keep you motivated when the cold air is pushing you to stop.

Be prepared. Make sure you’re wearing the right clothes when you hit the road for a workout. In the winter, layers are key. Try layering a long-sleeved Under Armour shirt under a T-shirt, and then layer a fleece over it. You want to choose a fleece sweatshirt over cotton because cotton pulls your body heat away and retains moisture — a big no-no if you get wet. Runner’s World also suggests a hat to keep your ears toasty and a scarf to block your face from stinging winds.

Prep your hands and feet. Up to 30 percent of your body heat escapes through your hands and feet, so bundling them up when you’re exercising in low temperatures is key. Swap out your traditional socks for wool ones, and wear running gloves to keep moisture off your hands. As the months get colder, consider switching to mittens. Make sure your sneakers are waterproof and if there’s room, slip a heat packet under your gloves.

Don some shades. You always remember to wear sunglasses in the summer, but what about winter? The sun’s UV rays are still strong during the colder months, so don’t forget to wear a pair of shades. The sun can also reflect off snow and potentially cause blindness — another good reason to protect your eyes.

If it gets too cold, such as the temp dropping below zero, then don’t be afraid to stay indoors. The treadmill can be tedious, but  it’s better to be safe and bored than risking pneumonia.

Do you like to workout indoors or outside during the winter?

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  1. Great post. Winter is one of my favorite times to run. There is something really cool about going for a long run on a day so cold nobody else is even out. One thing I would add, don’t forget to hydrate. You tend to lose a lot of fluids through breathing in extreme cold, but you don’t feel it as much. Again, great post and enjoy those cold runs!
    Happy running,

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