Training for a Half-Marathon

Today officially marked the first day of my half-marathon training. I’m following a beginner plan from FITNESS magazine, which makes sense because I’m planning on running the FITNESS/MORE half-marathon. Luckily, my refund from school came in today, so I plan to register for the race tomorrow. Hopefully it hasn’t capped out yet!

It was also the first day of classes today, so my day was pretty packed. Fortunately I was able to head to the gym in time to watch the brand-new episode of Gossip Girl, which kept me motivated throughout my workout.

This is the plan I’m following for the big day.

My new fitness schedule.

I know it says to cross-train on Mondays, but there’s a new class being offered at my gym, HITS (High Intensity Training Session), that is scheduled for Tuesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and is taught by my extremely athletic friend and co-worker, Matt. So I decided to switch Mondays with Tuesdays in the plan so I could take the class on my cross-training day. Therefore, once Gossip Girl was on I hit the treadmill and made sure I ran as much of 3 miles as I could.

I finished the required distance in about 40 minutes, which was a little disappointing. However, I felt myself pushing through mental blockades and am proud of myself for finishing. When I was finished, I didn’t want to stop watching my show, so I alternated between walking and jogging for the next 15 minutes. I ended up running 4.55 miles in just under an hour.

One day down, 69 left to go.

I know I have a long way to go, but I’ve enlisted support and have decided to dedicate part of my blog to updating you on my training sessions. That way I’m not only accountable to the people around me, but to you too! You know the plan, so you’ll be able to see if I’ve been slacking. My goal is just to finish the race and I’m determined to stick to the plan so that I can do it.

I finished about half of my grocery shopping tonight, but wasn’t able to bring a list with me, so I was careful about what I bought. Tomorrow I’m going to look up recipes and foods I should buy suggested by FITNESS so I know I’m on track nutritiously as well.

I hope you’re as excited about my goal as I am. Here’s to reaching new fitness goals!


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  1. Samantha –
    Good luck with your training! I’m training for the same half marathon too. Last year was my first. It was the experience of a lifetime. I chronicled my training last year at My new blog is which has a menu option to go to the old one. I have a lot of info on my website too. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks so much, Anne! I’m definitely plugging away and I’m really excited about it the race! I’ll definitely be checking out your blogs. Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other by chance at the race!

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