High Intensity Training Session

Day two of half-marathon training was a success! Today required cross-training, or anything other than running, that wouldn’t put a lot of pounding on my knees. So I scoped out the group exercise classes offered through my gym and decided on the brand-new H.I.T.S. (High Intensity Training Session) class that has been getting a ton of hype.

The class was one hour and took you through a warm-up, four circuits of exercises and two stretch periods. In the beginning, I was optimistic about the class and ready to work up a good sweat. I made sure to stretch my calves really well because all of my co-workers who took the class said their calves were killing them for days.

All stretched and ready to sweat it out with instructor Matt.

Each circuit included four exercises and we did each exercise for 30 seconds. After a one-minute break to grab water, you repeat the circuit before moving on to the next one. From high knees and butt kicks to ab work and basketball jumps, the circuits definitely made me feel the burn.

Basketball jump part one: squat to touch floor.

Basketball jump part two: jump and reach as if shooting jump shot.

Wooahh, too fast for the camera!

Basketball jump in action!

Stretching is vital to this workout and I’m glad we took two periods to stretch our entire bodies within the class. I’m definitely going to stretch before I go to sleep tonight because I can already tell I’m going to feel this workout tomorrow!

Matt and I hug after class despite all the sweat.

This is a class that I’ll be attending often throughout my training. Two days down, 68 more to go.

How are your fitness goals coming along?


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