Surviving Week Two of Training

13 days down, 57 left to go.

Week two of training is going well, but it has definitely been more difficult than last week. School is in full swing and I’m launching an online magazine while growing a networking organization, so my time is very limited. However, I make sure to schedule gym time so I’m pumping out good sweat sessions six days a week.

I can't live without my planner.

My mileage went up a bit too, but not by much. We’re in week two, so I only have to log 14 miles throughout the whole week. For my cross-training, I attended H.I.T.S. again and I think I’m going to like this class more and more each week! It gets the blood pumping and is filled with multiple variations of squats and planks, two of my favorite exercises. Plus a lot of my co-workers from the gym go, so it’s fun to sweat the good stuff with ’em.

Tons of H.I.T.S. lovers, right here!

One of my clients wanted to learn more about spinning and I decided the best way to teach was to do it with her, so I threw that into my training as well. Instead of my usual trainer shirts, I hit the spin bikes donning one of my favorite shirts from high school, back from my frequent softball days.

I know you're thinking of the song now.

The nickname is pretty self-explanatory. Let’s just say there were many times when I found myself tripping over things or falling randomly. But hey, I say it helped me become one of the best base-stealers around!

Friday was my first long run because I had to complete five miles consistently. I did my best not to walk at all, but ended up caving a little after four miles. I only walked two tenths of a mile though, then made sure to pick the pace back up. My goal was to finish within 50 minutes because it was an endurance run. I ended up completing it in 53:56, but I’m still proud of myself for pushing until the very end.

I’ve completed nearly two weeks of training and am still pumped about this race! What I’m not so pumped about? This pile of homework sitting next to me that needs to be finished.

The magazine in there is the only good part.

Until next time!

What are your fun fitness plans this weekend?


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