Fuel for the Big Race

Although I eat rather healthy, I must admit that I don’t exactly know what I should be doing to fuel my body for such a big race. I know that plenty of protein is great post-workout and carb-loading is best the night before a big workout, but I don’t know a lot of the nitty gritty stuff.

I’ve been perusing multiple magazines and websites in order to change this predicament and have found a ton of great recipes to try! I was so excited to get started that I even offered to cook dinner for Dustin and I Friday night (This may not seem like a big deal, but I rarely put on the chef hat).

To start my cooking expedition, I made FITNESS magazine’s tarragon chicken with a few alterations. First, I cut the ingredients in half because the recipe is for four servings and Dustin and I only need two (Well, Dustin usually needs another but he opted for just one this time around). We both don’t like mustard either, so we opted out the Dijon mustard. Finally, we substituted thyme for tarragon because I already had some thyme in my cupboard and the recipe said it works just as well.

Dustin was nervous about cooking the chicken, but my good ole’ working days at Friendly’s (don’t judge) left me feeling confident as I tossed the two seasoned chicken breasts into canola oil.

Sizzlin' chicken.

After 35 minutes, I served up a yummy chicken entrée with cooked shallots on top, then piled on mixed veggies.

Peas, carrots and green beans, oh my!

So maybe this isn’t a meal I would think of specifically for working out, but it was pretty darn good!

This morning I headed to the gym for my second long run, ready to log six miles on the treadmill because the frigid temps and heavy snowfall aren’t convincing me to head outside just yet. I knew I was going to need something a little more than water, so I picked up one of these babies to test out.

Gel-packed Gatorade. I can't help but think of the movie, "Waterboy."

The berry-flavored gel drink tasted great and really helped me breeze through the first few miles of my run. This is the first of the G series I’ve tried from Gatorade, but I’m definitely going to try out more!

Afterward, I chowed down on a delicious grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich — a gooey mess to treat my taste buds while giving my body some much-needed protein. I was craving more peanut butter though, so I chopped up celery sticks and topped them with the treat, just like mom used to do when I was a kid.

So much deliciousness on one plate.

Anyone have some good recipes to fuel a workout? Any fun Valentine’s Day dates?


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  1. Loooove celery and peanut butter! Mmmmmm

    I have a cheesy broccoli and spinach alfredo on pasta if you want to try a bit of that before a run…or something with tofu and less sat fats if you’re feeling adventurous 🙂 I commend you on your cooking – it’s not easy!

    • I’ve actually never tried tofu before! I’m extremely hesitant, but I always say I’ll try something at least once…so send along the recipe (or bring some to class!) and I’ll give it a test run 🙂

  2. Oh celery and peanut butter most have been ten years ago since we dated haha. Not much of a health guru but the chicken looked delcious. Maye we as a group could whip something up.

  3. Completing a marathon is on my bucket list of things to do before my 30th birthday (I say complete because if I don’t actually run 26.2 miles I’m certainly okay with that). I haven’t actually started the training process but reading about your progress may just motivate me.

    • Thanks, Bridget! I hope it does inspire you, but I’m only running a half-marathon this time around. 13.1 miles is enough for me right now! Maybe I’ll get around to 26.2 sometime before I die…

  4. I used to run the two mile on my track team, and have participated in a few 5K runs (A few years ago), but I do not think I would ever have been able to push my body to run 26 plus miles. I think that you must have a very strong will, and hope you do great. As for food to get ready for this thing, I have no idea. If you are worried about eating Tofu, it is not bad. I like to cook it and substitute it as the meat portion of my meal, like tossing it onto my salad. I won’t eat it unless it is cooked though.

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