Alphabet Soup Spells The Pulse

While perusing my blog reader, I noticed that two of my fellow bloggers, Julie and Gabriela, posted the alphabet about themselves. I thought it was a cute and fun way for readers to get to know the person behind the blog, so I’m going to hop on the band wagon and do the same! After all, it keeps up with my online new year’s resolution, so let’s get crackin’!

Age: 21

Bed size: Full. It’s the perfect size to accommodate Dustin-the-blanket-hog and Samantha-the-bed-hog.

Dustin's buried in that mess of blankets. Can you spot him?

Chore you hate: Cleaning the tub! I’ll clean every other part of the bathroom, but I despise cleaning the shower. Heads up to future roomies, Libby and Victoria!

Dogs: Big or small, I love them all! (But I have a slight preference for bigger ones.) I love my golden retriever back home, Cinnamon, and can’t wait to own a Siberian Husky and Saint Bernard when I’m older!

Queen of the car.

Essential start to the day: Something with a hint of peanut butter for breakfast while I catch up on blogs.

Favorite color: Red! Check out my big red bag that goes with me practically everywhere.

I carry around way too much stuff.

Gold or Silver: Silver, hands down. Not a huge fan of gold.

Height: 5’8″

Instruments you play: I haven’t played since I started college, but I played flute for nine years and alto saxophone for five years. Music was a big deal in my high school, so I learned the basics of nearly every instrument too.

Job title: Student. We’ll have to see what it switches to at the end of May. Hopefully not “unemployed.”

Kids: None, but I wouldn’t mind having two in the far-away future.

Live: This last year, I’ve made a home in New York City, Oswego and Oppenheim. Originally from Oppenheim, go to school in Oswego and have spent four months in NYC. Oswego has seen my face most often though.

Oswego's gorgeous sunset with lovey-dovey couple.

Oswego's current state of frozen beauty.

Mom’s name: Linda.

Nicknames: Sam, Sammy, Wipeout, Sammykins (last one due to best friend, Liz).

Overnight hospital stays: When I was four for severe dehydration, again when I was 18 for the same reason (both due to strep throat), another night when I had reconstruction surgery for my ACL and meniscus, and a final time when I developed blood clots after said surgery. It’s safe to say I don’t really enjoy hospitals.

Pet Peeve: Leaving shampoo bottles open in the shower. Simple grammatical errors. Slow walkers. People who chew with their mouth open.

Quote from a movie: “What’s with this chick? She have beer-flavored nipples?” -10 Things I Hate About You (R.I.P. the fantastically-wonderful Heath Ledger)

Righty or Lefty: Righty.

Siblings: Oh boy, you asked for it. I have two blood brothers, Justin and Scott. Then from my mom’s remarriage, I have two step-sisters and a step-brother — Karissa, Stephen and MaKaila. Then from my dad’s remarriage, I have two twin step-brothers named Justin and Jeff. Yep, I have two brothers named Justin.

Little bro-ha Scott and I. Yes, he's bigger than me.

Time you wake up: Usually 9:00, no matter what day it is. I think that’s pretty good for a college student!

Underwear: Sorry, Internet friends. That’s for me to know and you um, not to find out.

Vegetables you dislike: Mushrooms, raw onions, cooked spinach and zucchini.

What makes you run late: Often my own procrastination. I live for the deadline, so I usually cram my schedule so I have just enough time to finish everything, which usually makes me a few minutes late. I blame it on being a journalist.

X-rays you’ve had: I think just for my knee and teeth.

Yummy food you make: Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies! They’re my specialty.

Zoo animal favorite: Tigers and polar bears.

I just want to hug them!

Your turn! What’s your…

Quote from a movie? Or share any other answer!

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  1. zachary gatewood

    What an exciting article! I enjoyed the format. Nice to know a little bit about my blog buddy. You asked so here it is my favorite movie qoute “I’m a little too traumatized to enjoy a scone right now.” Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers gets me every time.

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