Recuperating Post-Race

It’s been three days since I ran my first half-marathon, but I’m still riding high after such a great event. Although I’ve been feeling pretty sore, particularly in my left foot, I can’t help but smile every time I think about all that I accomplished on Sunday.

So what have I been doing the past few days while riding out my soreness? Stretching. Lots and lots of stretching.

Yogify me, captain!

I knew I wasn’t going to do much running this week because I ran the entire half-marathon. Throughout my training plan, I set myself up to use the run/walk method because I simply didn’t think I was ready to run 13.1 miles straight. Once I was at the race though, the energy from all of the women completely captivated me and pushed me through each and every mile. Not once did I feel like I desperately need to walk. Β In fact, when I did walk, I kept feeling the urge to pick up the pace and run again. It felt glorious.

Run, Sam, Run!

But on the flip side, it meant I had some seriously sore feet after the race. My knees were killing me after the race too, but that pain subsided by Monday. By Tuesday, I was craving another workout but didn’t want to push my body past its limits. So what’s a girl to do?



I love the Warrior 2 pose.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a yoga expert by any means, so I made sure to head to the class offered by my campus gym. These photos are just some additional stretches I did at home afterward. I don’t incorporate enough yoga into my exercise routine and I really need to get into it more often. After all, it improves my running and lets me do cool things like this:

Another favorite but trying to get closer to the floor.

And this…

I like to think I look peaceful in this one.

It felt fantastic to stretch out my muscles so well after running for such a long distance. My muscles were praising me afterward, much like they did after I took a class at Strala Yoga. I’m still very much a novice, so I can only hope to one day bend like Tara Stiles.

Extremely bend-y.

For now, I’ll keep trying to touch my toes some more. And I’ll always make sure to fit in my all-time favorite corpse pose.

Just chill.

It has quite a morbid name, but it feels oh-so-good.

Are you, like me, new to yoga? Or more of an expert? Ever given it a shot? I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on it, and any tips to stretch me out some more!


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  1. your doing ok with bend-y πŸ˜‰

  2. I LOVE Yoga! I started attempting yoga years ago, 2005ish, maybe sooner. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert (far from it), but I can complete a class without having to take as many modifications as when I first began. What I really love about yoga, at least the yoga classes I’ve taken and DVDs I’ve done, is how concerned they are with protecting your joints, telling you how to modify to either increase of decrease difficulty, and giving you just enough time in each pose to get the benefit without killing you :-).

    My favorite stetching poses are pigeon (which you covered), triangle pose, crescent, and the crescent with the twist. I think the twists are my favorite poses thus far. Also upward and downward facing dog are both fantastic stretches.

    The Runner’s World website has some great stretches (both yoga and non) as well.

  3. I took yoga in the fall and that was when I was very gung-ho about cardio, so it was always a little boring. But I was always glad afterward that I had done it. I could never nail the tree pose though! And now that I’ve been in an exercise funk and admittedly, eating more crap than I probably should, I really have a yoga craving. Jeez, Sam, why can’t you live close to me. I feel like I would constantly be inspired to work out.


  4. I’ve been doing yoga on and off for the past 5 years. It’s more off than on though, so I wouldn’t consider myself very knowledgeable haha.

    I think it’s a great emotional and physical workout though! And for sore muscles, it usually works for me. I usually like to do it in a class because I’m always afraid I’m doing something wrong and don’t want to hurt myself.

    Have you tried Bikram Yoga, or Hot Yoga? Those are nuts, but make you feel when you’re done if you don’t pass out because of the heat mid way haha

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