Active Couples = Fun

It’s been said many times before: once you’re in a relationship for a while, you start to become more and more like your other half. Do I believe in this cliché? Somewhat. Do I think it’s a bad notion? Not at all.

Ladies and gents, in my quest to let you in on my life a little more, I introduce to you someone very special to me:

Nice profile.

Ringin' in the New Year.

Folks, this is Dustin. As you can tell from the picture above, we do look a lot alike. But at least it wasn’t a super-fast transition — we’ve been together for nearly two and a half years now. We didn’t start as a couple, but as friends first. Actually, the story of how we got together is quite a long one, but I’ll give you the short version really quickly so I can get to the point of this post.

How we met: 

I’ll just say we met through college. We both go to Oswego State and we lived in the same dorm sophomore year. One night, he and two friends randomly walked into my room and asked if my roomie and I wanted to play some games. We all hit it off, hanging out almost every day after that. He even helped me celebrate my 19th birthday a few weeks later.

Our first picture together. Aww!

Like I said though, we didn’t become a couple right away. In fact, we didn’t start dating until the end of January 2009 and we met in October 2008. Three months is enough time to be friends before dating, right?

Anyway, even though we didn’t start dating immediately, we did connect through multiple similar interests. One of them was fitness. Now, Dustin’s interpretation of fitness is different than mine because he is a sports-only type of guy. Make him go to the gym for the hell of it? Not going to happen. But ask him to lift so that he has a strong arm for the upcoming baseball season? Sold.

I, on the other hand, like to incorporate fitness into all aspects of my life. I grew up playing sports, so that area of fitness comes naturally to me. But I hit the gym nearly every day too, or pound the pavement for a long run simply because I can and it makes me feel good. I’m still trying to explain the “pain feels good” concept more to Dustin when it’s not related to sports, but I think he understood once he saw me gushing after my half-marathon.

Post-race bliss.

But what’s the best part about being one half of an active couple? It’s fun. Dustin and I do a lot of adventurous things together, which only enhances the experience because I’m sharing a unique moment with someone I’m in love with. I love that we both went water-skiing for the first time together on a trip to the Poconos.

Riding the waves.

He did better than me.

And we go hiking together.

At Filmore Glen State Park.

And we do low-key things together like bowling…

Rock 'n' Bowl. Can you guess which pair of feet are mine?


I guess some people call it mini-golf. Psshh.

…and tree climbing, er, apple picking.

Monkey man.

You're never too old to climb trees.

Basically, having a boyfriend who’s interested in fitness like I am (even if our goals are different) leads to a lot of interesting dates and remarkable memories. Why go to dinner in a stuffy restaurant when you can pack a lunch and go hiking or play catch?

Well, the playing catch part can be a touchy subject at times. You see, Dustin is a pitcher on the baseball team and I’m, well, not. I played softball in high school and play recreationally here and there, but Dustin is all about the game and can get pretty intense. In fact, he was recently named Oswego State’s Athlete of the Week, the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC) Pitcher of the Week, and an honorable mention for the  National Collegiate Baseball Writer’s Association Division III Pitcher of the Week.

He makes funny faces when throwing.

See what I mean, though? Intense.

Back to my point: fitness with a significant other is fun. You don’t have to stick to a gym. You can incorporate fitness into dates and not even realize you’re exercising. Next up for Dustin and I: rock climbing. He’s never done it before and I’m so excited to take him!

What about you? What fun, fit dates have you been on? How do you think fitness affects your relationship? (Meaning, would your relationship be different if you were active and your significant other wasn’t? In a positive or negative way?) I’m open to all ideas!


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  1. I have only evolved into fitness in the last few years. My wife of over 30 years is not. Given a little more time, as long as she can get lots of sleep as well, she is happy to go for a 6km (4mi) walk but thats about it. I on the other hand trained 6 months, running around 80km a week, for my recent first Half Marathon(1st May 2011) with another one entered 28 days later. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like running, I do like sleep and would be happy to watch the TV all day while sitting on the couch. I am like Dustin, exercise must have a goal or a purpose! In my case I am loosing weight, getting fitter and feeding a competative streak (even if it is competing against myself). Four years ago I had my last smoke. I was 110kg’s(243lb’s), 180cm’s(70″) tall and enjoyed a beer or wine a few times a week and couldn’t run across the road with getting exhausted. I am now 84kg’s (185lb’s) and alcohol free and finished my 1st Half Marathon last sunday in 1h49m57s.
    I continue to set chalanges to feed my competative nature.
    If anything, our relationship is better as we have personal interests as well as joint ones. I have always had problems sleeping and that, unfortunately, continues with getting 5 or 6 hours broken sleep each night. I am eating better as is my wife because I do all the cooking and grocery shopping.
    I am not sure this addresses your question but you can make of it what you will.
    Details of my training can be found at

  2. My boyfriend is a lifter primarily, and I hate the side of the gym with the mirrors and weight benches. I’ll do weight machines, but not free weights–and I don’t enjoy the machines that much either. I’ve recently reintroduced myself to running (or jogging/walking intervals), and he’s been super supportive. I’ve talked him into doing a 5K with me on the 14th (we’ll see if he does). We often go for walks in the parks or along the lake here, and we’ve had gym dates (followed by dinner). I’ve let him show me a few of his favorite exercises. He’s a little too coach-y for my taste sometimes, a real pusher instead of encourager, but we’re working on adapting to each other’s styles.

    • 2blu! You need to be lifting those weights, girl! Talk about speeding up your fitness success. Other than eating clean,lifting weights (and lifting heavy) will be the best thing you could do for your weight loss goals. Just sayin’! 🙂

  3. My boyfriend is the same way that he will do ANY active activity as long as it is just that, an activity. No way could I get him to the gym and when I asked him to run my next half marathon with me his response was “I really dont run.” He’s an amazing boyfriend and will do almost anything for me, but running in not on that list.

    It was hard for me at first when I first started training for a 1/2 marathon. It was hard for me to get out of bed in the AM when he was over and I felt bad about getting up super early on the weekends to run. It was more of me feeling bad than anything else though. He never voiced any issue with it and I think even though he’s not a runner, he understands that exercise is important to me mentally and physically. We’ve both gotten used to it though, so it’s easier now.

    One of the “outdoor” activities we both love is exploring via foot. We both love to travel and are big fans of walking all over a new city. If anything, he can usually last at that longer than me!

  4. runyogarepeat

    My boyfriend & I went on a 3 day hiking trip last year that was really fun! We also stay active together by snowboarding in the winter all the time. It’s definitely fun to be active together, but I like that we don’t workout all the time together. I run on my own, which I like because it’s my “me” time.

  5. My hubby is really into outdoorsy stuff while I’m most comfortable swinging some kettlebells or deadlifting a barbell in the gym. That said, I’ve forced myself to start hiking because I knew it was something he enjoyed and I wanted to be able to share that with him. Turns out, I LOVE it! We have gone on some intense hikes, including a remote location where it took 6 hours to get in and we had an entire glacial lake and snow-topped mountains to ourselves — but with beautiful summer weather! It was gorgeous and an experience I’ll never forget!

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