Interval Love

Today has been a crazy day, but in the end a lot of progress was made! Good news: I have an apartment in NYC!

I wish the FRIENDS building was my new home.

Apartment hunting has been a tedious process, so I’m glad it’s almost over. I’m headed to the city Monday to meet up with my two roommates and get some paperwork signed, and then it’s officially ours! I’ll be sure to provide a tour once we’re all settled 🙂

To kick off my crazy day, I had a yummy breakfast. Two slices of cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter and bananas. I was really hungry when I woke up and focused on devouring the deliciousness in front of me, so I didn’t remember to snap a photo until it was almost gone. Please forgive me.

Boston, baby.

Yes, I’m a Boston fan. Who will be living in New York. We’ll deal with it.

My hat rocks.

Besides figuring out apartment stuff, I counted a lot of cans and bottles so my parents can return them. The proceeds will go to our community Relay for Life, which is in two weeks. Have you signed up for a Relay yet? You totally should! I didn’t snap a picture, but it took all day because there were at least 1,000 cans and bottles. I was a busy girl!

Today was a rest day, but I wanted to share a workout I did on the treadmill the other day. Sometimes my body is not feeling a consistent run and intervals become the name of the game. They work my body into a sweat right away and I always feel really accomplished after. This one was a lot of fun because I incorporated both running and walking at a high incline. When I started, I decided I was going to do whatever my body said it wanted to do. It told me this:

            Mins                     Incline                     Speed

  • 0-5                        1.0                            6.0
  • 5-10                     1.0                             6.5
  • 10-13                   1.0                             6.3
  • 13-15                   1.0                             6.7
  • 15-16                   7.0                             4.5
  • 16-17                   8.0                             4.5
  • 17-18                   9.0                             4.5
  • 18-20                  10.0                           4.5
  • 20-23                   1.0                            4.5
  • 23-25                   1.0                            6.5
  • 25-30                   1.0                            6.0

Now I’m off to bed — I have another busy day planned for tomorrow, so I need some rest!

Do you have a favorite interval program? 


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  1. peanut butter and banana sandwiches may be the best thing on the face of this earth!!! lol i LOVE them

  2. Congrats on the apartment! So glad it worked out in the end… phew!

  3. Congratulations Samantha! I am so envious. Living in NYC – life at its best.

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