Living in NYC

Hello from New York City!

Why, hello there.

I never get sick of that view.

Anyway, today has been a busy day because I’ve been running around and getting everything situated for this apartment party tonight! And by apartment party, I mean reuniting with my soon-to-be roommates, filling out paperwork with them and giving a landlord our hard-earned money. Party hard people, party hard.

To kick off today’s festivities, I noshed on an apple (get it — apple for the trip to the Big Apple!) with some peanut butter and enjoyed a bowl of Special K corn flakes with one percent milk. I was in a rush, so I didn’t take any photos of my lovely breakfast. Bad blogger, I know. Please forgive me!

After riding the bus for three hours, I arrived in this lovely city that I’m soon going to call my home!

I passed by this baby a few times today.

I’ve been running all over since I hopped off the bus, meeting with people and making sure everything is all set to go tonight. I’ve avoided the subway as much as possible because it’s really nice out, so I’ve gotten my fair share of exercise through walking! I love multitasking.

At one point I did have to jump on the subway to get to Queens. Once I stepped on, I was greeted with this lovely decor.

NYC is gaga for Gaga.

The whole train was decked out in Gaga. I thought it was pretty badass. I thought I was pretty badass for managing to take this photo without anyone on the train noticing. Stealthy.

I can’t get into too many details about my activities of the day for safety reasons, but I will say that I’m very excited about this new place and crossing my fingers that everything works out. Now I’m just killing time in Starbucks, waiting for my roommate, Libby, to arrive by train so we can meet up with our other roommate, Victoria, to get things moving! To pass the time, I’m slurping on a delicious Iced Passion Tea Lemonade.


Afterward, I’ve initiated an American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) 2010 reunion with all of my former fellow interns that are back in the city. I’m told wine and fondue will be involved. It’s going to be awesome. Plus, I’ll be with some great company.

NYC's latest line of magazine journalists.

Don’t we look like a lot of fun?

What fun things are you up to today? It’s time to beat the Monday blues! 

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