Getting Back on Track with Food

Whenever I would train a client back at college, they would almost always ask me for tips about what to eat. At least, those who were serious about reaching their goals did. My answer?

“You can’t out-train bad nutrition.”

You can work out all you want, but if you don’t have proper nutrition to go with it, you’re not going to reach healthy results.

I know this, yet sometimes I fall off the wagon.

For the past two weeks, I haven’t been eating all that great. It’s not that I couldn’t, I just took the easy route and ate whatever was lying around. If it was already sitting there, I’d grab it and go. No point in cooking then, right?


I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks. Even though I haven’t been making the best decisions food-wise, I’ve been aware of each choice I made. Each bowl of ice cream I had, each handful of Hershey Kisses I munched on and each time I went out with friends for drinks and appetizers at a bar or restaurant, I recognized exactly what I was doing. I told myself, “I’m moving and don’t know when I’m going to see these people again so I need to enjoy it!”

While my excuse makes sense, that doesn’t mean I have to sabotage my diet. And when I say diet, it simply means the foods I choose to put in my body. I’m not a believer in the generic definition that is associated with “diet.” Instead, I believe that a healthy diet is simply a way of living. I eat fruits and vegetables because they make me look and feel great, while greasy foods make me feel lethargic and disgusting afterward (not to mention they make my skin break out like crazy).

I’ve also learned that I really need to plan out my meals. When I grab food on a whim is when I’m in trouble simply because I don’t like to cook. Don’t get me wrong, I can cook, I just hateΒ doing it. It bores me to tears, so I avoid it whenever possible (I’m so lucky that Dustin is a great cook). I also need to avoid snacking at night. I’m really good about the food I put in my body throughout the whole day, especially when I plan things out. But when it’s nighttime and I don’t have anything going on, I start munching. And it’s never on anything healthy.

So I’m turning to you guys for support and advice. What are some of your food traps? And how do you avoid them? Any tips on how to beat mine?Β 

Continuing with my recent theme of change, I jump started my day with a yummy breakfast to help get me back on track. For breakfast, I gnawed on half of a banana and then slurped down a bowl of Special K corn flakes with one percent milk and the other half of that banana.


I worked straight through lunch today because I was painting at work (oops), but made sure to grab a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread once I got home. I was craving something else after the sandwich, but instead of reaching for my mom’s basket of Hershey Kisses like I usually do, I peeled an orange and gobbled that up instead.

I wish I lived in Florida just for the fresh oranges.

My mom whipped up a delicious dinner a few hours later — chicken salad! Mine was filled with lettuce, cucumbers, egg, grilled barbecue chicken, a small amount of cheddar cheese (my weakness) and a drizzle of Italian dressing.


So good and an excellent, light summer meal! The only thing it was missing was some fresh tomato.

The only hard part right now about planning out my meals is that I don’t have access to things that I normally eat, like Greek yogurt, almond milk, oats and my daily creation of smoothies. Don’t get me wrong, my family still eats pretty healthy, but they don’t have some of the staples that I usually shop for. I would go buy them myself, but I’m trying to save money before I move. I’m very grateful that my parents are feeding me for free!

Regardless, I’m determined to get back on track!

What tips do you have for me? And has anyone else fallen off the wagon lately?Β 


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  1. Hummus makes me really happy. I grab 2 table spoons of it to take with me for lunch at work. I like it because I love veggies, but I like to dip them in something. I also had a whole wheat pita pocket – which got dipped in too.

    • I love hummus too! Unfortunately everyone else in my family basically despises it, so there isn’t any in the house 😦
      Actually, one of my pieces in FITNESS mag is about a Mediterranean pizza that’s got hummus as the spread — yum!

  2. I’ve recently hopped back on the wagon. After my SELF diet, I realized I need structure but I wanted something more long lasting, so I joined Weight Watchers (because honestly, their journaling tools are THE BEST). When it comes to the munchies, I try to find substitutes for my favorite snacks in case I do have a moment of weakness. And no snack/dessert can exceed 200 calories.

    For example:

    When i crave ice cream or Wendy’s Frosties, I grab a 100 cal skinny cow truffle bar. Saves my life.

    When I crave cookies, I grab a 130 cal fiber plus bar (coconut chocolate flavored. I swear it tastes just like that caramel girl scout cookie).

    When I crave chips, I grab a 100 cal bag of smart pop popcorn or my all time fav POPCHIPS!

    You’re right. It is all about planning. So why not plan healthy snacks to splurge on every now and then too? I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person who if I nix something from my diet completely, then I’ll binge more once I get my hands on it. W/ these swaps I can satisfy my cravings without ruining my healthy lifestyle.

    p.s. There is now a frozen yogurt place in FL called RedBerry….makes me miss u guys all the more.

    • Hey Nikki, thanks for commenting! Good for you with joining Weight Watchers! It works great for some people, but I’m not the type of girl who can do the whole point system thing and all that jazz — it feels too much like a diet for me rather than a change in lifestyle. But like I always say, whatever works best for you!!

      And Pop Chips are the bomb! Seriously love those chips. And I always eat Fiber Plus bars. They’re my grab-and-go snack πŸ™‚

  3. I guess I’m lucky when it comes to food traps, cause the things that I shouldn’t have, I can’t have. For example, I dont even know when the last time I had a donut was. Every once in a great while I’ll bring home a few from the store for Tino, you know, if he’s been like extra awesome or something. The smell alone makes me want to die because they smell so good. However, I’ve actually learned to enjoy such things that I can’t have through the smell! I know, sounds totally silly, but it works. I believe all things are good in moderation, so I incorporate them into my day to day to avoid falling off the healthy eating wagon. Like my morning waffle, I love chocolate, sprinkling a few dark chocolate chips on top of the waffle gives me some antioxidants and solves my chocolate craving right in the morning. Since I decided to use honey instead of syrup on my waffles, I feel that it is a fair trade calorie and nutrition wise to add the chocolate chips. I think ice cream is great, but only once in a while. My favorite thing is to keep cool whip in the freezer and then scoop it like ice cream over some sliced strawberries with a few chocolate shavings as an after dinner snack. I have recently discovered Chobani yogurt which is delicious and guilt free since it has twice the protein and half the sugar of regular low-fat yogurt, plus many of my favorite flavors are 0% fat! I sprinkle Udi’s gluten free granola on top so that I can get some extra fiber without going overboard on the sugar and processing that is typically found with granola. Finally, we eat a lot of salad and I have just learned to incorporate everything I want into a salad. It always has baby spinach and romaine, topped with sliced pork, steak, chicken or homemade chicken tenders or tuna. Sometimes I add buffalo or bbq sauce to the chicken. Always fruit – apples, grapes or strawberries usually and some nuts – walnuts or almonds, then my favorite veggies – peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, ect – and finally some Cabot low-fat cheese, freshly shredded (surprisingly good, not like low-fat cheese 5 years ago. lol). Then I top with a low fat dressing like Raspberry Pomegranate Vinaigrette. In just one bowl of deliciousness I get fruits and veggies, salt and sugar, protein and dairy AND it treats my junk food craving, sweet tooth, salt craving and makes you feel full! I guess when you have food allergies you just have to be creative with what you eat. lol.

  4. Jonmark and I have been going out a lot too – we are testing out the Buffalo scene! There are definitely a few things I’ve been doing to better my body. For example, instead of drinking beers or heavily sugared drinks at the bar, I have a gin and tonic – it’s mostly water hahaha. Plus, with a little lime, it’s delicious. We’ve been out for wings and burgers, but we’ve also been out for Vietnamese, Chinese, just salads – foods that have a lot of vegetables and not a lot of fat. I guess my last suggestion, about snacking at night, is to give yourself projects. If you keep your hands busy, you won’t be able to eat anyway! I’m altering a dress, making a pillow cover, and blogging – because they need to get done, because they are fun, and because they definitely prevent me from snacking! I am a horrible late night snacker (particularly because I only eat two meals from waitressing lately – boo) and these things help. My home tip? Hog the fruit. Your mom will buy more thinking there is less….haha. Or just ask! That always works too. My mom adjusts slightly what she gets at the store when I come home – and she is incredible for it! Offer to go shopping with her and give her a hand as colateral. πŸ˜€

    • Great tips! I’ll have to test out the gin and tonic with lime πŸ˜‰
      And that’s def a good idea to keep myself busy. Whenever I am, I don’t snack mindlessly. I’m one of those people who will eat in front of the TV because they’re bored, so having a project to work on is genius!

      By the way, I miss you. Hope you’re enjoying Buffalo!

  5. Donna Steiner

    Buy the first round of smoothie ingredients, get your family hooked on them, then ask your mother to buy the next round.

  6. I think I fall off the wagon a little bit every weekend :D. But, I look at each new week as just that: NEW. And the perfect time to start over if I’ve gotten off track.

  7. Great mindset! I definitely tell myself the same thing from time to time πŸ™‚

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