Workout Clothes Rewind

A big virtual high-five goes out to anyone who did laundry this week! Why? Because this girl did it!

I always feel so accomplished after.

As you can see, I was in desperate need of some clothes-washing fun. Is it sad that the majority of my laundry is workout gear? The two piles on the left are workout tops and bottoms only…

Anyway, all of this laundry-washing prompted a debate inside of my head and I thought it would be fun to bring it onto the Internet. After all, you guys don’t know what’s bouncin’ around in the old noggin, and it’s a little one-sided, so it’s time to mix it up!

Do you re-wear workout clothes?

I’m not made of money, so I can say that I definitely do. When you’re an unemployed recent college graduate, you do whatever you can to save the dough. Plus I’m trying to be as money-conscious as possible before I move to the city in 10 days (!), where things get expensive fast.

But don’t worry, I’m not gross and never wash my clothes.

I’ve proven that already in the above picture! Basically, these are my guidelines:

  • If you barely sweat in it, re-wear it.
  • If it doesn’t smell awful, re-wear it.
  • Always wear sports bras at least twice before washing (explanation to come)
  • If it smells like a sweat-tastic workout, wash it.
  • Never wear underwear twice (see, I have boundaries!)

So let’s break it down with a little more explanation. If I barely sweat in the clothes, I’m sorry, but they’re not dirty enough for me to wash them. Laundry costs add up, especially when you have to pay at least $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry because washers and dryers are off-site. Not to mention workout gear is expensive and the more you wash it, the faster it wears out.

How do I tell if it’s ready for a wash? I simply smell it. If I have it right up in my nostrils and I don’t smell anything (or barely anything), I’ll re-wear it. But if I smell the sweat, I’ll wash it. I perform the sniff test after I’ve hung the clothes up to air out. There’s a good tip for ya: air out your workout gear. I hang them up instead of tossing them in with regular laundry. This way they’re less likely to be odor-rific.

This morning's gear ready to be hung.

I don’t think I need to explain the underwear guideline, but let’s look at the sports bra one. I always wear a sports bra at least twice before washing it. But I don’t wear them twice in a row; I have a pretty good rotation cycle going on so that each bra gets plenty of airing out time before its next use. Bras in general are expensive, but sports bras are extremely expensive. And just like any other workout gear, if you wash it a lot, it wears a lot faster. Cue the poor college graduate excuse again, and you really see why I don’t wash them after every use.

Lots o' bras.

I hope y’all don’t judge me and my clothes-wearing grossness. Is it even that gross? I know at least another handful of people who don’t wash their gym clothes after each session, so I can’t be the only one out there.

Tell me, what are your guidelines to re-wearing workout clothes? Do you wash them every single time or wait a little while? Should I have never told you my dirty little secret? 


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  1. “I don’t think I need to explain the underwear guideline…”

    Actually, can you?

    Haha I loved this post. I basically have the same routine. I don’t work out every day anymore so it’s not as much of a problem, but when I used to that laundry can pile up fast. Our college economizing is a difficult habit to break.

    You have lots of sports bra ma’am. xo

    • Haha I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m tellin’ ya, college economizing is going to be what allows me to survive my first six months in the city. All about savin’ the dough.

      Speaking of me living in the city, umm, I’m moving in 9 days. Let’s make sure I see you before then 🙂

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