Run Before the Sun

I’m a night owl. Completely, totally, 100 percent a night owl. Even when it comes to workouts. I have no problem staying up until three or four in the morning or working out at 11 p.m. But ask me to wake up at 5 a.m. for a morning run and there’s a 95 percent chance it isn’t going to happen.

At least I admit it.

But I’m trying to change. Whenever I bust out the five percent odds of me waking up early and getting in an early sweat session, I love it. I love starting my day with a workout because it makes me feel so accomplished and it’s something I don’t have to worry about for the rest of the day. I’m a type-A personality too, so it makes me really happy when I can cross something off my to-do list really early.

So how do I change? How can I drag my butt out of bed on a consistent basis? I’ve been slowly setting my alarm clock earlier and earlier. So far I’ve gotten up to waking up at 730 a.m. I know that’s sleeping in for a lot of people, but right now it’s not for me. However, I’m starting work next week and want to keep up morning workouts. So I need to get to like 5:30 a.m. wake-up calls and fast! Any advice?

I love sunsets, but I'm ready for a sunrise.

Along with my early morning goals, I’ve been doing my best to keep on track with healthy eats. Today I noticed I was obsessed with milk and blueberries! Weird combo, but it worked. For breakfast I had a bowl of Special K granola cereal with blueberries and one percent milk.

Blueberries drowning!

I loved it so much that I had the same thing for lunch.

I seriously craved blueberries throughout the day, so I nabbed a few handfuls out of the fresh package in the fridge.

One of the many reasons I love summer.

Multiply this handful by three and that’s how many times I visited the fridge. Yum.

I deviated from the cereal for dinner, but didn’t feel like cooking anything in this warm weather. So I fell back on the big dish of pasta salad we have left over from Scott’s graduation party. I poured myself a bowl and dug in!


This is the whole dish, not my bowl, I promise. But I was really diggin’ the combo in here: pasta, cucumbers, pepperoni, ham, cheese, tomatoes and some light Italian dressing. Another win in my book.

I also took Liz and Joey on a little photo shoot today. Joey is finally home for the wedding, and Liz was always sad that the two don’t have a lot of photos together…enter Sam! I whipped out my camera and met them at Liz’s parents house so we could take some engagement photos. I’m no professional, but I think they turned out pretty good! Here are a few of my faves:

Yay or nay?

On another random note, here’s a lovely little bruise that has developed on my inner left thigh from riding the mechanical bull on Saturday. It covers almost my whole thigh!


My doctor wasn’t kidding when he told me I bruise easily…good thing my dress covers it for the wedding!

I’m off to get some writing assignments finished before I head to bed early (before midnight…fingers crossed!), so I can wake up early!

Are you an early bird or night owl? What advice do you have for waking up early for a sweat session?


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  1. 1) Don’t use the snooze!
    2) Put the alarm far enough away that you have to get out of bed to turn it off!
    3) Don’t tun off the alarm before it goes off!
    4) Turn on a bright light as soon as the alarm goes off setting your body clock!
    5) Build a routine from bed to pavement or gym including dressing, stretches, hydration and food.

    Just do it!
    Good luck 😉

  2. I am the SAME way. Chalk it up to my waitressing years, but I thrive on not starting my day until 11ish. However, because I’m no longer surrounded by people who also do not start their day until 11ish, I feel complete unaccomplished when I’m just starting work or business stuff at like 3pm. Now, I force myself to go to bed by midnight, regardless of what I want to be doing. lol. The new puppy will sleep until 6 if I take him out around midnight for the last time for the night. Then I usually get up at 6 and start my day. Cleaning, laundry, walking Harley, breakfast, I recently traded in my morning elliptical session to walk/run my neighbors dog. She is 66 (the women) and just cannot give her dog the exercise it needs and it keeps escaping from the yard and running into the street. Right now that is not so bad cause school is not in session, so its slow, but when school is in session… traffic is absurd. I’ve decided to opt for cardio swim, zumba and hot yoga each 2 nights per week instead. I run errands and shower and get ready and then (Type-A also) I feel super accomplished before I even start working for the day!

  3. The pictures came out so well! I have almost no pictures of Mr. Perfect and I outside of when we first started dated–at least, not ones that will ever see the light of day.

    I used to be a night owl. Working has made it easier for me to get up early, but I still workout at night except on the weekend. Getting to work by 8 a.m. is hard enough for me. I don’t even get breakfast, usually. Since I’ve been going to yoga early on Saturdays, I can give you a couple of pointers:

    It helps if you don’t fall asleep with the TV on.
    Don’t indulge in the snooze button love affair.
    Lay your workout gear out beforehand.
    Plan your workout beforehand.
    Have a post-workout treat planned until you get into the habit of getting up and getting it done.

    • Great tips! I started turning off the TV and shutting off my computer before bed a week or so ago, and it’s definitely helped me fall asleep faster! I really have to break up with my snooze button…our relationship just isn’t working out.

      And thanks for the compliments about the pictures! I like ’em 🙂

  4. I am such a morning person. I am up at about 4:10am and at the gym or running by 5am. I am not a night person…. at all. Even if I am not working out early in the morning, I have trouble staying up past 10pm!

  5. I wasn’t a morning person either. I’m still not, but I have learned to get up early to run before the heat of the day. Like you, I need to get up and out around 5:30 am so I get things accomplished before work. One thing that helped me make the transition is that as soon as I hear the alarm I jump out of bed and grab a chocolate/caffeine gu gel. That jumpstart in energy really helped me wake my body up that first week. Now I don’t need it (unless I went to bed at 1 am!). Also laying everything out the night before helps speed things up and strangely, it also motivates me. I don’t want all my effort of getting ready and prepared go to waste. I have found that getting up early means that I DO get sleepy earlier at night, so work with it and try to go to bed earlier. That helps a LOT. Good luck and hang in there, that first week is the toughest!

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