Thankful Thursday

Today I’m in a really good mood. Just full of smiles and ready to tackle the day. And after reading lots o’ blogs this morning, I decided to take a cue from Ali and tell y’all why I’m so thankful for my life and the people in it. So, my friends, here’s Thankful Thursday, Samantha style.

I’m thankful for…

1.) Waking up early.

That’s right, people, I’m doing it! I got my booty out of bed at 6:30 this morning, which is a new record for me! Yesterday I was up and running six hilly miles at 7 a.m. and this morning I conquered four more slightly less hilly miles. My legs would curse me out if they had lips, but then immediately praise me for pushing through the tough spots.

2.) Writing as a career.

It’s just something I love to do and I’m so grateful for graduating with a degree in journalism and creative writing. I’m determined to put it to good use and am thankful that I’ve had so much support from people toward reaching my dreams.

Throwback to copy editing freshman year of college.

3.) My family.

My mom, dad, step-dad, step-mom, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters have all been completely supportive about my upcoming move to NYC (three days!). They’re confident that I’ll land a full-time magazine gig soon, which helps deter mental breakdowns.

4.) Running.

It’s been keeping me sane these last few months throughout the stress of graduating, finding work, moving, and planning my best friend’s wedding.

5.) Glee.

I’ve been rocking out to Glee during my runs lately and their tunes just put me in a good mood!

Total Gleek right here.

P.S. Have you seen “The Glee Project” yet? If not, go watch it online right now! I don’t really watch summer shows, but this one is definitely on my must-see list.

6.) My best friend.

I’m so excited for her wedding this Saturday!!! I’m going to miss her so much while she’s in Oklahoma and I’m in NYC, but I know that not even 1,700 miles can put a damper on our friendship.

7.) My boyfriend.

Dustin’s been really supportive and dealing with all of my craziness lately, listening to me vent and encouraging me to go after my dreams. He just officially finished college yesterday (yay!), I get to see him this weekend and I’m excited to see where this summer takes us.

Last summer's getaway to the Poconos.

8.) Chocolate.

I’ve been eating a little bit every day lately. It’s delicious and I love it.

9.) Mani/Pedi dates with my sister.

It’s a tradition of ours and it felt so good to catch up with my little sister last night while we got our nails done. I needed them done for the wedding anyway!


...and toes!

Off to work I go!

What are you thankful for today? 


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  1. I love working out to Glee songs too! They make me want to dance and definitely keep me motivated. Plus, I like most of their songs more than the original artist. hehehehe.

    And I’m thankful for Mani/Pedi dates too! I go every week and have lunch with my friends, its a great way to end any week. 🙂

    I thought you already had a job lined up for NYC, I guess I was under the impression that Fitness Magazine was having you back. :-/

  2. Number One…I am in a good mood today, too! Number two…where does your friend live in Oklahoma? I live in Tulsa. My best friend lived in Washington D.C. for 2 years and lives in Dallas now, so I understand how hard it is to live away from your friends.

  3. Not a Glee fan at all… I just can’t get into it for some reason.

    I’m thankful for…. moving to Germany in 2 short months!

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