Livin’ the Fit Life

Today was a great day.

I woke up to this pretty little note from my awesome roommate.

This screams "Operation Beautiful" to me.

I asked her to remind me to pack  my phone charger and toothbrush because I’m staying overnight in a fancy hotel tonight for a work event. I love being called beautiful first thing in the morning — it just started the day off on the right note.

Then I went to a sweat-tastic boot camp class for work. We tested out Barry’s Boot Camp, and holy cow did I feel the burn!


The class was split into four sections: two “treads” sections and two weight-lifting segments that focused on abs, back and shoulders. We did various sprint intervals on the treadmills for 15 minutes, then switched to weights, went back to treads, and then lifted some more weights! I was sweating within the first five minutes and didn’t stop until after I got out of the shower. It was a really tough class, but that’s exactly the way I like ’em 🙂

Where the magic happens.

Then I went to work and knocked a lot off the to-do list, met an old friend for lunch and had my first blog post published for FITNESS magazine. Make sure you check it out!

Then I headed out to my second workout…for work! Seriously, I love that I sweat for my job. It’s fantastic.

Dress number three! I love that it has pockets.

I’m staying at the Gansevoort Hotel for the night to test out a new product. After receiving the new toy, I took the CoreFusion Cardio class and worked up another serious sweat! It was based on a lot of barre-type moves, so it was a different type of workout, but my muscles were burning! Needless to say, I’m definitely going to feel it tomorrow.

Note: I do not have those abs.


I headed back to my fancy room after the class to shower and eat some grub. I’ve never been in this nice of a hotel before, so let me share some pictures with you.

Mini bar. Do not touch.

Huge mirror. That's me giving the thumbs up sign.

There's a phone in the bathroom! Just like in FRIENDS.

I’m a happy girl 🙂

I got even happier when I received this tweet:


Remember when I sweat it out with Brett Hoebel earlier this week? I’ve determined that we’re going to be friends. Enough said.

Finally, Libby met me at this fancy hotel, fawned over my room, and then we headed up to the bumpin’ rooftop bar where we paid way too much for a drink, but had a good time and enjoyed some pretty sweet views.

Bright light and cramped space don't make good pictures.

Not the greatest picture, but it was dark out. I work with what I’ve got.

So it’s safe to say I had a pretty good day. Now I’m headed off to dreamland so my muscles can recover and I can get up early for another workout. Saturday is rest day!

How was your Thursday? Try any new fitness classes lately? 


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  1. I have been doing hot yoga on and off for a while now. I wanted to go more consistently before but at $12 per class, its not exactly budget friendly. Finally I set aside some cash and paid in advance ($10 per class) for a whole month. Hot yoga has so many benefits and its great for weight loss while still being gentle on your joints. So this week I tried out Hot Yoga Express with my friend Amanda. It was AMAZING. Its 60 minutes instead of 75 or 90. You move through the poses in rapid fire so it helps increase the cardio burn. I was seriously sweating buckets, but it was so worth it. I felt great after and could definitely feel the worked muscles the next day. Have you done Hot Yoga? you should def jump in a class in NYC!

    • I haven’t done hot yoga yet, but I really want to test it out! Find me a free (or really cheap) class, and I’ll be sure to high tail it over there 😉


    $8 per class. That’s a banging deal. Also they have a new student special of $27 for a week of classes which is an even better deal. If I could take unlimited hot yoga for $140 per month, I’d so be there. Its seriously my drive of wanting to move to a bigger city. lol. Its definitely something you should try a few times before really deciding your opinion on it. Sometimes the first class is especially difficult because your body is adjusting to the heat and what not. Did I mention that it burns as many calories as running? pretty cool! Make sure to drink lots of water during the day before your first class. Wear minimal clothing, bring a yoga mat (first class mat rental is free) with a beach towel to put over it (otherwise your mat becomes more dangerous than icy roads. lol), a hand towel for your face and 2 bottles of water, 1 should be frozen. Let me know what you think!

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