My First Blogger Meetup

Woohoo for making blog friends your real friends!

That sounds totally creepy and stalkerish, but anyone in the blogging community totally gets what I’m saying.


Right. But I digress.

Today I had my very first real live blogger meetup! I met up with Ali today for some grub at Pret A Manger where we talked about anything and everything for an hour.  Blogging, running, spinning,  fro-yo-ing, working, traveling and dating. Yup, we covered it all. And I love her. I hope she loves me too. At least a little bit.

Isn't she cute?

P.S. Ali is running her first marathon this September and she’s fundraising for the Chron’s and Colitis Foundation with Run for the Rabbit. If you feel so moved, help a girl out and send a donation her way! She’s competitive like me, and I really want her to move to first place out of the other six runners that are fundraising for their own causes. Plus it’s an awesome cause, so why not?

The only other highlight to my day was enjoying this Clif bar. I’ve had the regular Clif bars before, but never tried the Kids one. It’s delicious! And it was gone in about ten seconds flat.


I worked the rest of the day, came home and caught up on some reading, and played Taboo with my roommates. Taboo is the best game ever. If you’ve never played and live in the NYC area, please come over to my apartment sometime (when you’re invited…no stalkers, please), and I will introduce you to this amazing-ness.

Best. Game. Ever.

And to continue the trend, this is what I looked like today! Another new work dress, another happily dressed Sam. I love new clothes. Especially since it’s so rare for me to get them.

Work it out.

And that was my Friday in a nutshell. Tomorrow is filled with running, food and friends. I’m going to try to fit in a long run, then head over to the farmer’s market before meeting up with out-of-town friends. Cheers to the weekend!

How was your Friday? Any exciting plans for the weekend? 

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  1. a) I didn’t know bloggers met up – that’s awesome! And b) Taboo is my favorite game ever – ergo my post and c) I also have a huge interest in fitness and nutrition!
    Can’t wait to keep reading!

  2. Yay! So great lunching with you yesterday. We will absolutely do it again soon!

  3. Have you tried KIND bars? I’m a huge fan because they dont have any processed ingredients are are very basic. the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter is AMAZING.

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