Mix it Up Workout Playlist

While I was living at home, I would go for runs and only listen to the Glee station on the Pandora app on my phone. I’m still madly in love with that station, but it’s gotten a bit repetitive. Plus, it helped me remember how motivating music can be during a workout. Sometimes a slow Michael Buble song would come on right when I was hitting my stride — I love Michael, but he is not the one to power me through a run!

So I started devising a new workout playlist. I wanted some new tunes that would keep me pumping, with some oldies but goodies sprinkled in. After all, you can’t go wrong with some Michael Jackson or Wilson Phillips!

Lo and behold, I now have a “mix it up” workout playlist to share with you! Let me know what you think!

Also, this has nothing to do with music, but I just thought of this delicious treat: bake up some banana bread and put peanut butter on top! So simple, yet I’ve never done it before. Delicious! (Big thanks to Dustin’s mom for the banana bread!)

Peanut butter and banana find a new way to love.

What music are you in love with right now? 


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  1. Great playlist! One song that gets me pumped on my runs lately is ‘More’ by Usher. I also like to add a little rock in my mix…something by the Black Keys or Mumford and Sons.

    Oh, banana bread and PB! MUST TRY:-)

    • Good call — I LOVE that song! Not to mention Usher. He’s just so nice to visualize when I’m out on my runs and his voice is blasting in my ears 🙂

      You try the banana bread and PB while I add that song to the playlist!

  2. Nice list (minus the Ke$ha…which I just can’t get into). 🙂

    I’m a big country fan, so I’ve been listening to Chris Young and Blake Shelton non-stop.

    Other than that, give me some Britney, JLo, or Usher and I’m pumped up.

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