10 Personal Questions

A little while ago, I saw Caitlin do a fun post answering 10 personal questions. I decided to follow suit and answer the questions myself. Here’s to getting to know each other more!

1.) What do you have on your bedside table?

Digital photo frame, flowers from Liz’s wedding day in a cup, lamp, vitamins, bottle opener, knee brace, headband, ear buds, Garmin, candle from Liz’s bridal shower, glass of water, TV/DVD remotes, phone charger, notebook, daily planner, and a book. (Good thing I cleaned it today…at least it looks organized.)

At least I'm organized.

2.) Do you have a tattoo?

I just got a tattoo this summer! It says 13.1 on my left wrist, symbolic of the first half-marathon I ran in April. That event was so much more than a race to me, and you can read about the meaning behind my tattoo here. I’m contemplating a second tattoo, but know that I won’t get it until at least May of next year if I go through with it. I won’t reveal the idea though, so you’ll have to wait and see!

Note to self: use lotion more often.

3.) Do you believe in abstinence prior to marriage?

I was taught that sex is a very intimate, personal thing and that you should truly wait until you are ready to participate in such an act. I don’t believe being ready for marriage equates to being ready for sex. I know many people (in my family and outside of it) who believe in waiting until marriage, but my mother was also wise enough to talk to me about sex beforehand. I definitely believe that you can teach young girls about birth control without condoning meaningless sex. In today’s society, I think it’s a much better idea to teach your daughter as much as you can about safe sex so that she is at least informed. You never know what they’re learning in school from their peers, and you don’t want her getting the wrong information because she’s too afraid to talk to her mother.

4.) What is your worst habit? 

Dustin would probably say my addiction to technology. I’m constantly checking Facebook, Twitter, blogs, my cell phone etc., but I also think it’s important to my career. I’m learning to find a balance!

I was obsessed back in 2008, too.

5.) How do you handle finances in your relationship? Or, how would you like to handle money in your future relationship?

Dustin and I have separate bank accounts right now, mostly because we’re not living together yet and we’re not married. I don’t believe in borrowing money from him, nor does he borrow from me because god forbid, if something goes awry between us, I don’t want money looming over either of our heads.

When we move in together at the end of summer, we’ll split the costs of living, such as grocery bills, rent, etc. But for now, we’re remaining independent of each other in terms of money. If and when a ring is put on my finger, then money consolidation will become an issue.

6.) If you could change your name, what would you change it to? 

I actually don’t think I would change my name. I love my first and middle name, and think I look like a Samantha. Mom and Dad did a good job 🙂

7.) Where do you want to go on your next vacation? 

I’m going to New Orleans in November! It’s kind of a vacation because I’ve never been there before, and I’m going to run a half-marathon to celebrate my birthday! As for a full-blown vacation, I really want to go on a cruise.

Louisiana, here I come!

8.) What is one political cause you feel strongly about? 

Females and their right to choose what happens to their body. You never know what has happened to a woman, and I would never want to force someone into a pro-life situation when it could mean their nightmare morphing into a reality. I’m definitely pro-choice.

9.) Have you ever stolen anything? 

Umm, I’m sure I have taken something small from a frat party or something. I pick on Dustin and his klepto condition for koozies.

10.) Tell us something embarrassing about yourself. 

I’m a total creeper. I love checking people’s Facebook pages, looking at photos, obsessively checking blogs, all of it. Oddly though, I don’t really care about celebrities. I only like to creep on you if you’re my friend. Or I’ll creep on you until you become my friend 🙂

Your turn! Answer one (or more!) of the above questions so I can get to know more about you, too! 


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