Britney Spears Workout

Ever since I realized that I missed out on the Britney Spears spin class at SoulCycle tonight, I haven’t been able to get the queen of pop out of my head.

I grew up watching Britney and was an obsessed teeny-bopper when hits like “Drive Me Crazy” and “Baby One More Time” hit the radio. I remember my older brother thought she was smokin’ hot and would record her concerts on VHS (throwback!), and then I would play it over and over again to try to memorize the dance moves to “Oops..I Did It Again.” Wow, did I really just admit to that on the Internet?

But just because I couldn’t go to the class and spin my heart out to Britney doesn’t mean I can’t sweat it out to her tunes! After perusing YouTube for a bit, I also rediscovered how awesome this girl is at making music videos…she knows how to bust a move! So I now have my Britney playlist ready to rock tomorrow morning’s run. Check it out!

“(You Drive Me) Crazy”

“Oops!…I Did It Again”


“I’m A Slave 4 U”

‘Till the World Ends”

“Baby One More Time”

“Me Against the Music”


“Gimme More”

“Hold it Against Me”

And there ya have it! I think these songs would definitely power me through a spin class better than a run simply because the beat is perfect for different portions of a spin session, but I’ll let you know how the run goes tomorrow!

Can we all please take a minute to acknowledge how rockin’ Britney’s body is in every video, too? Even through all of the crazy antics, she still knows how to move and look sexy while doing it. Dang, girl!

Are you (or were you ever) a fan of Britney? What’s your favorite song? 


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