Celebrating Food

I love food. I’m sure you love food. Food is just amazing.

I went to this awesome new (to me) restaurant last night that served me some incredible Mexican food for an even more incredible price. No, it wasn’t purely authentic, but dang was it good!

Where did I go? After work I met up with Libby at Penn Station and we strutted down to Lucy’s Cantina Royale in Midtown.

It’s a quaint little restaurant with a very amicable atmosphere that totally sucked me in the second I walked through the door. Very laid back with fun colors and decor that instantly put you at ease after a hard work day. Seems like the perfect place to enjoy some happy hour grub, especially if you can get a table on the rooftop.

Libby and I are both strapped for cash, so we decided to go the inexpensive route and split a meal. We ordered chips and tequila-laced salsa with a side of guacamole to start, then split a three-taco entrée. Delish!

We also ordered a round of red berry sangrias to take the edge off.

That was quite tasty, if I do say so myself. Libby says so, too.

The tacos were stuffed full of pulled chicken, salsa, tomatoes and lettuce. There was also a hint of lime juice throughout the meat, which really brought the meal to the next level! I enjoyed each and every bite.

We spent less than $20 each! My only complaint was that the tortilla got soggy really fast, making this a difficult taco to pick up and eat. But I usually complain about that anyway so I tend to err toward hard shells.

Either way, I highly recommend Lucy’s if you’re in the NYC area and looking for a cheap yet delicious Mexican meal. I’ll definitely be back!

Now I didn’t title this post “Celebrating Food” for no reason though. I wanted to talk about Lucy’s, but knew I needed to celebrate National Watermelon Day too!


Isn’t it funny how many strange national food days we have? Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day. No complaints from me, I’m just sayin’!

Watermelon is probably my favorite summer fruit of all time. It’s so delicious and I never get sick of it. If someone offers me watermelon, I don’t think I’ll ever say no. Could you?

Anyway, in honor of this fabulous holiday, here are some fun facts about the tasty fruit, courtesy of the National Watermelon Promotion Board: 


  • Watermelon is 92 percent water.
  • The first recorded watermelon harvest occurred nearly 5,000 years ago in Egypt. (Never would’ve guessed that)
  • Its cousins are cucumbers, baby squash and pumpkins. (Again, who knew?)
  • Early explorers used watermelons as canteens.
  • The largest watermelon ever (so far) weighed in at 262 pounds.

Now I’m salivating like crazy. Great. I think I’m going to enjoy one of these delicious-sounding cocktails this weekend to continue the celebration, too.


Good night!

What’s your favorite summer fruit? Know of any NYC restaurants I must try?


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  1. Don’t you just LOVE Mexican food?? Oh man, I’m going out for Mexican tonight and I can’t wait. Tequila and beef…. I don’t know if it gets any better.

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