August in Review

Hey there! Hope you’ve all had a fantastic Thursday 🙂

If you remember, I set some goals for myself at the beginning of the month. Now that it’s September (holy crap), I figured it’s time to take a look back and see how I did! Won’t you join me?


  • Stick to half-marathon pre-training plan. Check! I only missed a few runs here and there, which is 100 percent okay in my book. I need a plan that allows flexibility, and this definitely does. Plus, I’m only in pre-training mode right now. Official training begins Monday, so I aced this goal with ease.

  • Incorporate more strength training. Eh…not so good. I only did strength training twice, maybe three times this whole month. That’s so sad. I used to lift three to four days a week. I’m definitely going to make this a goal again in September, but break it down a little more so that it’s attainable. I think if I write it in my actual half-marathon training plan, that’ll help.
  • Push myself on speed. Win! I have definitely been pushing myself to run at both faster and more consistent speeds. I used to average a 10:00/mile pace and now I steadily stay at a 9:30/mile pace when I’m running at a comfortable pace. When I do a speed workout, I range between 7:30 and 9:00, depending on the distance and how much I’m pushing. I want to continue this into September and increase my speed even more.
  • Continue spinning and incorporate more yoga. Half-check. I definitely kept up with spinning – I go once a week, per my plan. I also did a lot more yoga. I wanted to do it once a week, but that didn’t always happen. I say I made it three out of the five weekends in August. So maybe I get a three-quarters check? Yes? Maybe?

Nutrition & Health

  • Cook dinner. Hahahaha. Unless we count last night’s extravaganza, this was a total fail. I don’t think I cooked a legitimate meal the whole month. Unless you’re like me, and consider pasta in a bowl a legit meal. Whatever, it’s excellent carb-loading and I’m not fancy. I would say I’ll make a conscious effort to drastically increase this next month, but Dustin’s moving in soon, so I know it’s not gonna happen. He’s the cook in this relationship. Perhaps I’ll consider cooking once every other week. That’d be progress!
  • Sleep more. Excluding this week, I get a check! I’ve been putting my computer away at 11p.m. nearly every night, which is exactly what I wanted to do. This week was really busy on the work front, so it wasn’t feasible. I still get a check. I said so 😛

  • Take my daily vitamin. 100 percent yes! I have taken it every. single. day! I put it on my vanity where I get ready in the morning so I see it and just take it while I’m putting myself together for work.


  • Get a full-time job. Umm, fail. I’m still working on a freelance basis and still searching for something more permanent because like I said, I need that health insurance. I did just have an interview for a part-time job though that I’m really hoping pans out. Fingers crossed!
  • Buy my personal training certification books. Check! I have all three books in my possession and I’m ready to start studying! I have to tell a little story here though: after I posted my August goals, one of my creative writing professors from college, Donna, messaged me on Facebook and told me she wanted to send me an Amazon gift card to help purchase one of my books. She said she was proud of me and told me to consider it an investment in my future. How sweet is that?! She already influenced my future so much because of everything she taught me, and now she’s allowing me to expand my knowledge even more. My heart swells at her generosity and it just goes to show how wonderful my school is. You don’t always get professors who care about you even after you’ve left with diploma in hand. I’m so thankful for them. Thank you again, Donna! ❤

  • Establish a blogging schedule. Mehh. As August moved along, I realized this wasn’t a feasible goal and basically gave up. Right now, my work schedule is too busy for me to try to blog any other time of the day. I work out in the morning, work all day (most of the time I eat lunch while at my desk), attend events for work or blogging in the evening, blog, then sleep. There’s not too much wiggle room. Perhaps there will be later on, but for now I have to stick to the late-night posting. Fresh stuff for you to read in the morning!

That’s it! I think I did pretty well and I had a pretty fantastic August. I’ll be back tomorrow with my new goals for September!

What goals did you have last month? Did you meet them? Tell me!


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  1. Good Job Sam!

    One more time – for the love of God – did you apply to DMS!? You need to do it. Here are the tip 5 reasons I can think of that it will benefit you.

    1. You can write articles for which will definitely help you with your whole fitness magazine and writing prospects and give you a credible site where your work is being published. You also might be able to land an editing position, given your experience.
    2. pay days are Tuesday and Friday.
    3. You can work when you have time. I mean, if you squeeze in 2 articles (30-40 minutes tops) per night, that is an extra $350 per week. With roommates and your other endeavors, thats a good pay and less hours than working minimum wage some place else where you dont get to hone your awesome skills.
    4. HEALTH INSURANCE (isn’t this at the top of your list?!) If you write 30 articles per month, you an maintain health insurance with them. even with prescription coverage and what not its about $150 per month and the plans are not bad and definitely cover a lot of doctors in larger cities, so you would be set.
    5. bonuses and deals! every major holiday they do an incentive where your name get entered for every article you write,t he prize are always cash and range from $100 to $1000. Plus, once you have been there for 90 days you will have access to demand deals which is where you can find all sorts of great stuff from clothes to gadgets to books to movie tickets for half off (or more). It operates like groupon, but is centered around big companies like Apple and Barnes and Noble, ect.

    Seriously, get on it, before you go broke. then you take more yoga. 😛 Once you learn the poses, you can always do it at home. Coming into the holiday season, I just do not have time to get to hot yoga like I want to. But, I have a great 90 minute power yoga routine of my own that I have worked out and its a chance to fine tune my practice and still burns 3/4 as many calories as hot yoga does and still offers the same benefits for the body, just without the heat.

    P.S. I booked my sister on the megabus from philly to nyc for next month and it was ridiculously cheap. loved it!

  2. I love love love posts like this. I think it is because I am so goal oriented AND because I love lists. Thanks for the update on all your goals–I think setting them is half the battle, so even if some were a flop, your intentions were there 🙂

    • Thanks, Janetha! Glad you ventured over here for a bit 🙂 I’m exactly the same way…I found that just by making my list of goals at the beginning of the month, they were always tucked away in the back of my mind, so it made me more active toward accomplishing them! And I’m addicted to lists. All kinds of lists. They’re awesome.

      • I love lists so much that I actually make a daily list of my daily routine… even though it is pretty much the same every day. For some reason checking off my list of things I am doing makes me feel good. When I’m not posting quotes on facebook I usually make my status a list! It makes me feel organized.

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