I’m sure you all have at least heard of the site Pinterest by now, even if you don’t use it. It’s blowing up all over the social media world, that’s for sure. People have become addicted and well, I’m no exception.

How it works: You follow people and others follow you, just like on Twitter, and you can use their “pins” as inspiration or you can go out in search of your own. A pin is just an image that you think is important, or you want to remember. You can organize your Pinterest account into multiple boards, covering any topic you want. For example, I have 11 boards, ranging from fashion styles I love to places I want to decorate. If you find a picture off of the site that you want to pin, simply use the “pin it” button that you can put on your dashboard. One click and a quick description later and it’s pinned! And if you want it to be more socially interactive, you can always comment on someone else’s pins, just like you would on Facebook. A good mix if you ask me!

Anyway, lately I’ve been going a little crazy on Pinterest. As in I have over 225 pins and it’s only been a few weeks. More than ever though, I find myself drawn to words of inspiration. I call it my “Word to Live By” board and have constantly been referring to it whenever I need a little pick-me-up. You never know who else is in need of some positive reinforcement, so here are a few of my favorite pins.

What are some of your favorite inspirational quotes? Do you use Pinterest? 

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  1. I’ve gotta check this out seems like a more organized tumblr. Good post!

  2. “Sweat is Fat Crying” is going to be my new work-out mantra and exercise inspiration. I LOVE it!

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