Feel-Good Friday

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t blogged in the last few days, but I’ve been putting in a lot of hours at work so I haven’t done much but work, eat, sleep and exercise. Err, ok so blogging is really the only thing that got cut for two days. Otherwise that sounds like my normal schedule. Oops!

To make up for my absence, I’ve decided to kick off another series (two in one week, who am I?)! It’s time for Feel-Good Friday, where I’m going to share some of the pleasant things in life in hopes that you’ll return the favor in the comments section 🙂

Here are a few things that made me feel good:

Fall weather. A cold front has moved through NYC and it was in the 50’s when I went for my morning run! My body has acclimated to the heat, so running in cooler temperatures was really nice. And I love dressing for fall weather! My outfit screamed fall to me, except for my lack of tall brown boots.  I’m on the hunt for an affordable pair, so let me know if you find some!

Biggest Loser returning. I could not be more excited about this. Yay for fall TV shows!

Glee coming back too. Told you I love fall TV! I can’t wait to see what Ryan Murphy and the other writers have come up with for the third season. And I love Heather Morris, our October cover girl!

Groupon, Living Social and LifeBooker. My three favorite social deal sites have stolen my heart once again. I managed to snag an hour deep-tissue massage for $39 and a three-course meal at a high-end sushi restaurant for $13.50 this week. WIN.

Yoga. My body is begging me to go to yoga. I meant to go last night, but Libby accidentally signed us up for a CoreFusion class instead. Oops! At least I got my strength session in. And I plan on going to yoga Sunday morning instead. I would go tomorrow, but I have a four-mile race (and then three miles to tack on after my long run of the week) to run for FITNESS’ Mind, Body, Spirit Games. I can’t wait!


Libby’s pumpkin bread. I can’t stand the taste of pumpkin (gasp!), but the bread Libby made this week was goooood! I couldn’t taste the pumpkin at all, so I gobbled down a few pieces throughout the week. I will force her to make this again!

Care packages. My aunt sends me goodies every month or two, and I just received a small box this week! My favorite part? The food. She sent me freshly picked apples (that lasted great!) and homemade  peanut butter chocolate fudge. Yum.

What’s made you feel good this week? Anyone else excited for all things fall? 


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