Never Have I Ever

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone’s had a fantastic day and is cruising through the week. Mine has been super-busy, but it makes the days fly by!

I thought we’d have a little fun over here today, mostly because I’m feeling nostalgic. I flipped through a bunch of my college photos from throughout the years and realized how much I miss my friends from Oswego. I’m hoping to reunite with a lot of them next month, fingers crossed!

Before we get to the super-fun stuff, let’s take a trip down memory lane…

(Best. College. Job. Ever)

(One of many late-night DD runs)

(Ugly sweater parties!)

Fun, right? I’m quickly realizing that what they all said was true: life is never the same after college. I’m already shocked at how my body survived so many 13-hour days, homework marathons and all-night study sessions with such ease. These days I’m pooped and ready for bed by 10:30. Does that make me lame? My friends still in school would give me a definitive yes, I’m sure.

So to bring us back to the college days, I thought we’d play a little game! Who remembers Never Have I Ever? Come on, I know you do! Here’s how we’ll work it: I’ll list some things I’ve never done, then you respond in the comments about how many fingers you had to put down. For every finger down, take a swig of something — doesn’t even have to be alcoholic — smoothie, Gatorade, milkshake, whatever. Or booze. Whichever you prefer.

Here we go!

Never Have I Ever…

Cooked salmon by myself. Although I really want to.


Never Have I Ever…

Gone white-water rafting. Again, I really want to.


Never Have I Ever…

Traveled outside of the United States and Canada. I was supposed to go to London during my junior year, but the class I signed up for got cancelled. Boo.


Never Have I Ever…

Worked out with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Dustin and I have gone to workout at the same time before, but never even in the same facility. I’m trying to convince him to sign up for a 5K with me!

Never Have I Ever…

Owned my own pet. Although I really want a dog. Or a cat. I miss our family dog, Cinnie Minnie (her real name is Cinnamon) and our cat, Maximillion (Max).

Post questions you want answered in the comments, too!

How did you fare in round one of Never Have I Ever? What was your favorite college-famous game?Β 


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  1. We didn’t play games in college. But I totally relate to what you are saying about how staying up late and what not was no big deal yet now it’s like impossible. I mean, I used to waitress 17 hours a day and I felt like I had more energy than i do now. I am ready for bed by 10.30 myself. Although, I get up at 6 (officially) and Harley tends to wake up at least once in the night since he is still a puppy, so it is a little hard to be sure that I am getting good sleep. Growing up is awesome and sucky all at the same time! But I too miss my college friends and the fun we had. πŸ™‚

  2. Ahhhh…one of my favorite drinking games in college:-) The memories!
    However, our ‘Nevers’ were not as tame as yours are here πŸ˜‰

  3. The only one that I have done is owned my own pet. I have a miniature schnauzer named Snow.

    This makes me really nostalgic for college….this time of year always does.

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