Race Bibs Are Exciting

I know I’ve only officially participated in two races in my running career thus far, so maybe it’s still newbie-syndrome washing over me, but I get all giddy inside every single time I pick up a race bib.

I don’t know what it is, but every time I see my name attached to a race number, a cheesy grin instantly spreads across my face and I get super excited immediately.



I picked up my bib for the Fifth Avenue Mile race and it made me realize that I am legitimately racing one mile at 8:45am on Saturday.

One. Mile.

What the eff?

This baffles me. I don’t even remember the last time I ran only one mile. It had to have been sometime in high school, when we had to run it timed for gym class. Because I really don’t think it’s happened since then. Even when I was recovering from my ACL reconstruction surgery, I did more than one mile at a time. I think my absolute minimum for the last five years has been 1.5 miles.

My race wall is growing, slowly but surely.

So what the heck am I doing? How am I going to race this correctly? I don’t do very much speed work (bad, I know), so I’m clueless here. When should I go steady? When should I run fast? When should I run so hard that I want to just fall on my face because that will hurt less than the pain in my legs? And how will I know if I’ve started to do that too soon? Will I actually fall on my face? Ouch. That would really hurt.

These are only a few of the thoughts racing (<–pun!) through my head about Saturday morning’s activities. I really want to do well because I’m racing it with a team of co-workers, so I don’t want them to be disappointed in my time. I also don’t want to be the last one to finish because, well, I’m competitive and being last stings.

So I’m calling out to you people. If you have any advice, any advice at all, please comment below and tell me how I can achieve my best possible time on this one-mile race. I promise I will read every single word carefully and take every snippet of wisdom into careful consideration.

Are you running the Fifth Avenue Mile on Saturday? Or any race? I know a certain sweaty blogger, cough *Ali* cough, will be kicking major asphalt in the Hamptons this weekend. 


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  1. I’ll be there, but I’m not racing the race this year just running it. Hopefully, I’ll see you there! It’s a really fun race because it’s just balls to the wall!

  2. i’m running, but also probably not “racing”. silly? it seems a little so. and i’d LOVE to just go all out and see how fast i can nail it, but i know a) i likely WONT be able to do just one mile, and therefore will likely add on before, after, both….even though i definitely, definitely shouldnt because b) im doing the 18-mile tune up run on sunday with nyrr. a smidge ahead of my schedule. and im afraid of my legs falling off. oops.

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