Feel-Good Friday: Rain Boots & Family Visits

Happy Friday! The weekend is officially here and I could not be more stoked. It was a really busy week at work and I was feeling a bit under the weather, which didn’t help matters. So now I am more than ready to kick back and relax with a puzzle beer. Cold, cold beer. (Name that TV show!)

And since it’s Friday, that means it’s time for me to list some of the fabulous things that have made me feel good this week.

My new rain boots. I bought these boots when it was downpouring nearly every day in NYC a few weeks ago, but they didn’t arrive at my doorstep until the storms had passed through. Figures. So I was actually really excited when I looked up the weather this morning and saw it was going to rain all day. Only because that meant I finally got to don these puppies!

I think these boots are absolutely adorable. I love the pattern and well, rain boots always trigger my inner child. How can they not? They give you the perfect opportunity to go puddle jumping! But I’ll puddle jump even without rain boots…

That was from freshman year in college with my roommate at the time, Lizz. T’was a good night indeed. But yeah, the boots I have now are awesome and I got them at Target for a very reasonable price. No complaints here!

Pandora. I just love this site all the time. As I’m typing this, “Hey, Soul Sister” from Glee Cast is blasting. What a feel good song. I heart Blaine Anderson (I just had to Google the character’s last name because I automatically think “Blaine Warbler” all the time). In Glee news, did anyone see the premiere? I’m so happy that Blaine transferred schools. Kurt and Blaine make my heart smile.


Family. A lot of changes happened this year within my immediate family. My older brother started his second year of medical school, I moved to NYC permanently, my little brother started his first year of college, and my mom and step-dad are now in a house of just them and our pets. So. Weird. Luckily, all of us are coming home for a reunion this weekend and I could not BE more excited! Family game night, here I come!

Friends. I bet you think I’m talking about my real-life friends, don’t you? Or my blog friends? Wrong again! Although I love my “real-life” and blog friends, my TV friends have gotten me through this week and the illness I’ve been suffering through. Nothing like a little Ross and Rachel drama, Joey one-liners and Phoebe quirks to keep me feelin’ happy. I most recently watched “The One with All The Thanksgivings” and I die every single time Monica puts the turkey on her head!


Such an amazing show. If you don’t love it, I’m not sure we can be friends. If you do, I promise I’ll be there for you 🙂

Your turn! What’s made you feel good this week? 


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  1. Blaine and Kurt make my heart smile too! I thought the season premiere was good. Was totally surprised by the transformation of Quinn – didn’t see that coming. This week was a big week for premieres actually. Modern Family made me laugh, as usual and Grey’s Anatomy was filled with surprises, and as usual plenty of great quotes and moments that hit you in the heart cause they feel like your own life.

    My feel good of this week? 1) My favorite Hot Yoga instructor announced he is opening his own new studio next month. The previous studio that had 3 partners was flooded and is under renovation, I’m going through Hot Yoga withdrawal in the worst way. and 2) I knocked out 3 chapters in the book I’m writing thanks to some serious girl talk with Tino’s mom.

    Next weekend I get to spend Saturday in your wonderful city with my mom and sister to see The Lion King on Broadway and enjoy lunch at Nizza. 😀

  2. i just wrote on my blog about how much i love my rainboots!! they make me feel SOOO good! especially when i have to trek to class. also feel good: warm chocolate chip cookies at work, pumpkin pie soda, and being the only one in my apartment who doesn’t have a cold!

  3. I miss those puddle jumpin’, “Friends” watchin’ days! Hope you’re feeling better pretty lady! Keep up the awesomeness of posts!

  4. I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to reach my goals. I certainly liked reading everything that is posted on your site.Keep the tips coming. I loved it!

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