Let’s Get Personal: Round Three

As you all know by now, I love surveys. Maybe it’s the sixth-grade middle-schooler in me coming out, but I just can’t ever get enough of them. So to continue with tradition, I’m answering Caitlin’s third round of personal questions. Let’s get crackin’!

What’s the nicest random thing someone has done for you?

This isn’t super random, but I honestly think it’s the best thing someone has ever done for me in my entire life. After I tore my ACL and meniscus during my sophomore year of college, I had surgery to repair it. Fast forward about a month, when my physical therapy should be having more of an effect than it actually was. My leg was still in an incredible amount of pain and I could barely move out of bed, much less go through a full PT session. I hobbled into my therapist’s office anyway and hopped on the table for him to start stretching me out. One touch on my shin sent me reeling into pain and I nearly kicked him in the face. He immediately handed me a business card with science-y words written on them, told me to go to the hospital right away and give them this card. He was calling the hospital before I walked out the door. All I knew was that information, and the fact that he recommended someone take me instead of going alone.

With Dustin in class and baseball practice immediately after, I called my roommate, Meghan. She was in class too, but I didn’t know who else to call. Telling her all I knew, she walked right out of class, sprinted to our dorm room and drove me to the hospital.

At the hospital, I found out that I had seven blood clots in my left leg and that I was at a severe risk for a heart attack or stroke. Greeeeat. Oswego isn’t the best hospital, so I signed an AMA form and decided to go to University Hospital in Syracuse, which was 45 minutes away. My mom, a nurse, said I needed to get there immediately. Without another word, Meghan put me in the backseat, strapped on both of our seat belts, and drove like a bat out of hell. We made it there in 25 minutes.

It’s a long story, and I won’t give any more details to save time, but Meghan dropped everything for me. She forgot about all the plans she had that day and simply made me her number one priority. At times, I think she was more scared than I was. But she put on a brave face and did every little thing she could possibly think of to make sure I would be alright. I’ll never forget how amazing she was that day and how much she proved that she truly is an amazing friend.

Meghan loves me and I love Meghan.

What’s the worst thing about being your gender? What do you envy about the opposite sex?

The worst thing about being a girl is dealing with periods and pregnancy, in my opinion. I don’t have children, and I do want them some day, but man – girls’ bodies go through a lot just for being female! I once read a sticker that I think is perfect. It said, “Women are superheroes. They bleed for 3-7 days straight once every month, but they don’t die!” So true.

I envy that guys can just roll out of bed and be ready to leave for the day after tossing on pants and a shirt. Girls put in way more effort than guys do, and they do it on a daily basis. Well, almost a daily basis. 😉

Have you ever fainted? 

Only once, after being dropped in a cheerleading stunt. That was fun…not.

Describe one of the most scandalous things you’ve done. 

I went to a party one night that was BYOB, but I didn’t have any of the B. I didn’t know the people having the party, so I didn’t care too much about playing nice. After a while, everyone moved to a party down the street, but I didn’t know right away because I was in the bathroom (hey, sometimes ya just gotta go). When I walked out, the place was empty, but the people’s beer still remained. I high-jacked it, then went down the street. A few more hours passed and the people from the original party ran out of beer. Thinking it was time to make a profit, I sold them back the beer I took. Not super scandalous, but at least I’m a savvy business person 🙂

These are the faces of two very smart business women...and pong champions. Just sayin.

Do you ever want to contact someone from your past to say hello? 

Honestly, not really. If someone isn’t in my life now, then I believe it’s happened for a reason. And if they wanted to contact me, they could. It’s really not difficult to find out my contact information, especially since I have this blog!

How did your hometown shape who you are today? 

Growing up in the country really taught me about tight-knit communities and how to keep strong bonds with the people that matter. It taught me about the beauty of nature and taking the time to enjoy the little things in life, like the quiet lull of a moving stream or the sheer beauty of a summer thunderstorm. Most importantly, I learned how to appreciate the things in life that aren’t handed to you. I had to work for everything that I have today and growing up in my town motivated me to get out there and explore everything the world has to offer. I love being a city girl, but as the saying goes, “you can take a girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.”

Camping...and apparently making fire grow.

What would you change about our political system/government?

I would invest more of our resources into our educational system. And I would focus more on the problems within the United States. I 100 percent support our troops, but I think our country’s leaders need to spend a little more time helping the people while we’re going through such tough times at home.

What’s currently in your purse or backpack?

Umm, a lot of crap. My sweaty spin clothes from today’s class, all of the beauty stuff I needed to get ready for work after spin, my tupperware container from the lunch I brought to work, my wallet, passport (random trip, maybe?), pens, a book and business cards.

What’s the most awkward pickup line you’ve ever received?

I was at a house party during my sophomore year of college and some guy that I’ve never met before randomly walked right up to me while I was hanging out with some of my friends and said, “You should be arrested.” Uhh, why? “You just stole my heart from across the room.” Everyone just looked at me and I had no idea what to do. I sheepishly said, “I’m sorry…I need to get another drink.” And walked away.

What’s your party trick? IE: Random talent that you can bust out to impress a crowd of strangers. 

Wow, I’m super lame and have no talents. I make awesome jello shots. That’s about all I’ve got.

Liz's bachelorette party.

Your turn! Answer all or just one of the questions!

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