Feel-Good Friday, Even Though It’s Saturday

It’s Feel-Good Friday! Err, sort of.

I know I missed posting yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t talk about all of the fabulous things going on in our lives! I’m a firm believer that positivity is going to get your through life much better than negativity ever will, and I also believe that you need to take time out of the day every once in a while to appreciate the little things. Sometimes, the little things are what matter the most to someone.


So here’s what’s been making me feel good this week:

Manicures. I got one early in the week and my little fingers have never been happier. The nice manicurist lady soaked my fingers in lemon water and gave me a fabulous hand massage that relieved all of the tension lurking in there. Nobody ever thinks about it, but your hands take a beating. Mine work away all day long at a keyboard, and when they’re not doing that, they’re either carrying things or doing their best to stay loose when I’m out on a run. It was nice to give them a little TLC this week, plus my nails look pretty now.

SoulCycle. I missed spin class for a week and a half because I was sick and my booty was more than ready to get back in the saddle this week. Roarke took me through a sweat-tastic class that really got my head back in the training game, and my legs felt fantastic the entire time. Fabulous.

Cooler weather. I know I keep bringing up fall weather, but it really is my favorite season. The temperatures were perfect for today’s lung run, and I had a later start. Not once did I feel too hot and boy is it fabulous. Cooler weather is also great because it means I get to cuddle up with a hot cup of tea in one of my favorite sweatshirts.

Told you I love SoulCycle.

Chocolate. Is it just me, or does chocolate sound even more appealing in the fall? I received this batch of goodness at the office this week right when I needed a 3pm pick-me-up. It was delicious. Don’t worry, I shared with my co-workers. Promise.

Pictures. It’s no secret that I love taking photos. I love taking them, I love looking at them and I love being in them. So it made me feel extra good this week when I took the time to decorate my cube a bit, bringing some of my favorite people into my work space.

You know what’s coming next…your turn! What’s made you feel good this week? 

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