Making Goals: October

It looks like you guys are just like me: big fans of chocolate and wine! Remember, the Ghirardelli giveaway is open through Sunday and you have five ways to enter, so don’t be afraid to utilize every way! Just make sure to pop back in and leave a comment telling me you did it so you get that extra entry 🙂

Moving right along, it’s time for some new goals! I know we’re well into October now, but it never hurts to set up some goals for yourself. Here’s what I’m striving for during Halloween season:


Training has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, especially because my plan went from 10 weeks of training to 6 in a matter of a few days. My body has gone through a bit of a shock, and I’ve been experiencing some hip pain that I’ve been keeping a secret (until now), but I’m still confident I can finish the race. Ideally, I’d like to finish it without walking. In a perfect world, I’ll finish faster than my last half-marathon. It’s only my second one, so I’m not setting too many goals for this race because I don’t want to get mentally bogged down. I’ve never been to Cali, so it’s time to have some fun!

  • Get back into strength training.

Once the race is over, I have a good two months before I have to begin marathon training. I’m thinking about heading out for another half in December, but no concrete plans have been made on that quite yet. In the meantime, I want to focus on regaining my strength with weights. That means cutting back on the cardio and vamping up the heavy stuff. I’m excited!

  • Continue yoga and spinning once a week.

Both of these methods of cross-training have done wonders for my body. I want to keep solidifying a workout routine so that I only improve my game in both areas of discipline.

Health & Nutrition:

  • Get back on the vitamin bandwagon.

I did great on this goal in August, then completely bombed in September. Time to hop back on the gravy train and pop those pills once a day.


  • Consistently blog once a day.

I go through these spurts where I do really well with my blogging schedule, but then it falls by the wayside when things get busy. I’m so dedicated to this blog and my readers, and I’ve been working on a lot of things behind-the-scenes, so I’m really making the effort to blog once a day. If I know I’m going to be super busy on a day, I want to plan ahead and schedule a post to go live later.

  • Start studying for my PT certification.

As we all know, I completely bombed on this in September. My fingers are crossed that it calms down at work a bit so that I actually have the energy to study at night.

  • Enjoy California!

I’m only going to be there from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, but I’ve never been to the West Coast! I’m determined to find a Yogurtland while I’m over there, and then I just really want to soak everything in while I’m away. I’m so excited to go and I wish I had more time so I could really explore, but I’ll take whatever I can get!

  • Go on date night every other week.

Dustin and I went on date night last weekend and it was so much fun. We just caught dinner and a movie, but it was really nice to get away and just spend time with one another again. I know it sounds weird because we live together, but I miss him a lot. We both get up very early and work long hours, so by the time we’re done with everything at night we just crash in bed. I’m hoping to go on more date nights so that we can actually enjoy one another’s company.

What are your goals for October? Same as mine? Anything different? Tell me! 

P.S. I grew up in a very, very small town and went to school in the same building for elementary, middle and high school. Our music teachers are very talented and our program has done extremely well (think: we were New York’s representative band in the Independence Day parade in Washington, D.C., and  we were invited to perform in Italy but had to turn it down because we didn’t have the funding.) They are now participating in the Glee Give a Note contest, and if they win Glee will give them money to support our music program.

I cannot say enough good things about the music teachers at my old school, Oppenheim-Ephratah. They are hard-working, caring, unbelievably supportive, and 100 percent reliable. One of them, Mrs. Mott, was often my therapist, and I know many times when another teacher would help a child when they were going through a rough patch or got themselves into unnecessary trouble. Because it’s such a small town, the music program is in serious jeopardy of being cut and it would be such a shame because there are so many talented students in that building. If you feel so inclined, please consider voting for Oppenheim-Ephratah in the contest. You can vote once a day until November 7.


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  1. I love being the first to comment on your super awesome blog. 🙂 Good luck on your marathon!

    And seriously I fall of the vitamin wagon too. I just started taking iron supplements because I am soooooo deficient thanks to the super fun special diets that Tino and I are for our medical problems and food allergies (respectively). Today I had steak (cause he is not here) for the first time in 8 months and now my body is like high as a kite. hahahaha.

    My only goal is to get Piloxing and Yoga in everyday. I have finally really committed to a routine and things are going good. Woohoo! Down 45 pounds this year which is really good considering I didn’t put nearly as much effort as I should have. So much to go, but very happy with the progress.

    Now if I could just find a way to de-spazatize the puppy I’d be set. 😛

    Send me chocolate! lol.

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