An Italian Kind of Night

Pasta is good. Pasta = carbs. Carbs in multiple forms of food are fantastic.

That’s what’s up in my apartment tonight. Some Amy’s pesto pizza.

Some manicotti made from scratch, a la Victoria.

(All of these foods are in the cooking phase still. Obviously.)

And some homemade macaroni and cheese, a la Dustin and Samantha. The “and Samantha” part involves me stirring a few things and washing the dirty dishes. I know, I should be on Top Chef.

You know what else is good? Wine. Red wine, specifically.

Oh, good company is nice to have around too 😉

Heyyyy, Lauren and Victoria.

Dustin and Libby wouldn’t let me take their photos. But they were here. So there.

Anyway, what it all boils down to is this:

Wine + lots of carbs + friends = a fabulous night of relaxation.

Have a great night!

And don’t forget to enter the Bondi Band giveaway! You have until end of day Friday!


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  1. Yummmm Italian night! Love it!

  2. Hi Samantha, your Italian feast looks interesting. This make me feel to cook Italian today. Let us see. If you like cooking like I do, I am these days giving away Cookbook by famous food stylist Kevin Craft. Check it out at my blog.

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