You Know You’re a Runner When

I’ve been playing around with this post for a while, coming up with things here and there that have happened to me that I think kinda sorta distinguish me as a runner. These are only a few; I know there are many more. But I find these particularly amusing and hopefully you do, too. So in my opinion, You Know You’re a Runner When…

…you get caught stretching in the office elevator…multiple times.

…you hear PR and automatically think “personal record,” not “public relations.”

…your favorite food group is carbohydrates.

…you get really irritated when people say half-marathons and marathons are the same thing.

…you don’t hit a new trail until you know if bathrooms are easily accessible.

…you have a line in your budget for “race entry fees and travel.”

…you believe waking up at 7am is sleeping in.

…you sigh because a friend scheduled her wedding for Friday, meaning you either have to behave at the wedding or you’re going to have a rough long run the next day.

…you see a Groupon for Garmin, and automatically get excited because you think it’s for a running watch. When you find out it’s actually for a car GPS, you immediately delete the email.

…you’re always hungry. And you love it.

…you’ve mastered the art of using a porta pottie as fast as humanly possible.

…your laundry pile has more workout clothes than regular ones.

…you have more fun shopping for workout clothes than normal ones.

…you wonder if your commute to work would be faster if you just ran it.

…you read this post to see if it applies to you, then realize everything I’ve said is normal.

What are your You Know You’re a Runner When… moments?


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  1. so true. also:
    -you see a race t-shirt and have to find out when, where, and how much it is.
    -especially abnormal for guys, you can identify and converse about friends’ running shoes

  2. This is funny and true. For me it’s when you schedule “vacations” based on races!

  3. – You don’t think it’s weird to carry a tube of icy hot in your purse
    – You think spending $60 on a pair of heels is ridiculous, but $65 on a pair of running shoes seems perfectly reasonable.

  4. These are great!
    to add-
    *the last time you took shots they were Cliff Shot blocks, not tequila
    *you have more t-shirts than a souvenir shop
    *you can say the word fartlek with out laughing and you actually know what it means!

  5. When I am driving, I always think in terms of mile markers. If I’m driving on a route that I run, I find myself thinking things like “oh here is mile 1…. mile 2 is just around the corner by the light pole.” Or when I see a big hill I think to myself “I would love to run up that.”

  6. aah love the Laundry one!! Definitely have more workout clothes in there than I should šŸ™‚

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