A Domestic Kind of Day

Happy Saturday! Today was quite a lazy day, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that 🙂

After sleeping in, I debated a workout, but my body was definitely telling me not to. I’ll go into more detail about what’s going on with me next week, after I see a slew of doctors and actually know the deal myself. Pinky promise.

So after I nixed that idea, I had no plans on the agenda. I twiddled my thumbs for a bit, then went on a cleaning binge. Am I the only one who gets in those moods where I just have to scrub down everything in sight as thoroughly as possible?  I’m pretty sure my roommates love it and I secretly do, too. There’s really nothing like a clean apartment. Wow, I sound like a nerd.

Anyway, after my cleaning spree, I decided to get domestic. Off to the kitchen I went! While I’m writing this, I’m wondering what’s wrong with me. Lately I’ve been having the biggest urges to just cook and bake. That never happens. Am I growing up? I don’t know how I feel about this…

After perusing my Pinterest boards for a while, Dustin decided he wanted stuffed shells for dinner. In fact, he told me he has never had them before. What?! That pretty much sealed the deal. And since we’re both huge taco fans, I went with these Mexican stuffed shells for a bit of an added kick. I followed the recipe exactly, except I cut out the green onions, used whipped cream cheese,  and topped the shells with plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

They didn’t take too long to make, and I was able to simultaneously make these cookies. Holy yum. The only difference in my recipe? I nixed the pretzel salt (because I didn’t have any) and used peanut butter m&m’s instead of peanut butter chips. They came out really well. Dustin isn’t a huge fan of baked goods and he’s already had two, so I know this one’s a keeper.

After all of that hard work, I had a delicious dinner of stuffed shells with mixed vegetables (I used a steamable bag that I just popped in the microwave)…

A cookie for dessert…

And a glass of California red wine to wash it all down with.

A pretty good night, if you ask me.

Now I’m off to watch the rest of the Broncos/Patriots game with Dustin. Go Pats!

Now you tell me: What’s one of your favorite dinner recipes?  How about cookies? I’m looking for new ideas to satisfy this crazy craving to cook! 


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  1. I love tacos too. Will try the stuffed shell recipe. Have a great night!

  2. tacos are amazzZzZing 🙂

    my favorite dinner recipe is any variation on homemade mac n’ cheese. ha ha

  3. I’m glad you liked the stuffed shells! I’ve got a few more that will be posted this winter. That glass of California Red looks mighty fine 🙂

  4. Hey Sam!! I’ve been dieting lately, so stir fries have popped up in my house about three times a week lately. I just LOVE them, and Jonmark does too – they’re better than take out! And they’ve become even easier with the use of my new food processor 🙂 I put grated carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, frozen peas, bok choy, and chicken/tofu into a pan that has been warming up sesame oil (or canola if you’re dieting like me), sesame seeds, a bit of wasabi, red pepper flakes, curry powder, and a ton of minced garlic. All you do is put the lid on that baby for a couple of minutes and blast it to high, then add a cup or so of chicken stock when it starts to get too hot (you’re looking to avoid caramelization here). Toward the end, I adjust the seasoning and add a half can of coconut milk. Served over rice with a pair of chopsticks, it’s a 20-minute meal that resembles take-out but tastes better and allows you control over the nutrition content. I rarely even touch soy sauce with this one because the coconut milk is so tasty!

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