Winter Running Gear

Now that winter has decided to finally make its presence with single digit temperatures, it’s important to remember to dress correctly when exercising outdoors. It’s easy to wear too much, or not enough, and practically beg for a day of cough medicine because you caught a cold. Yuck.

The key to success? Layers that cover up as much skin as possible.

When I went out for a run on Sunday, it was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining and the wind was tolerable, so I didn’t need to wear a heavy jacket. But it was cold, so layers were key. Here’s the breakdown, from the head down.

  1. Lululemon brisk run headband in black
  2. Lululemon run: swiftly long-sleeved tech tee in black (the site says it’s black but it’s grey)
  3. Nike Dri-Fit half-marathon finisher’s tee in yellow
  4. Lululemon run:inspire jacket in lolo purple (I also recommend the Pure Balance jacket)
  5. Black gloves from Wal-Mart because I’m too poor to own a pair of real running gloves
  6. Nike Element Thermal Tights
  7. Nike Anti-Blister Lightweight Low-Cut Tab socks.

If it was colder and windier (or snowing), I’d have opted for a hat rather than a headband, and a jacket that covered up my neck. If I was going to be out for more than an hour, I’d put warmer socks on, too. Finally, if it was really bad, I’d consider a face mask. But let’s be honest: if it’s that cold, I’m probably just going to stay home. I don’t deal well with winter.

And there ya have it! If it’s going to stay this cold out, make sure you’re dressing warmly for your workouts. If not, well, let’s all be happy the weather’s warmer 🙂

Now you tell me: do you like to workout outside when the temps dip? Or are you more of a gym person? 


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  1. I’m glad you posted this! I have started running with Harley dog and after a few days I realized I really need to get educated on what is good for running wear. 😀

  2. You can actually enjoy this season if you dress correctly


  3. I will go out in any temp as long as it’s not icy or other bad conditions! Last year I even wore ski goggles so my face would be completely covered 🙂

  4. I LOVE Lululemon for cold weather gear. I own the Pure Balance Jacket and it’s great. Those Run: Swiftly shirts are the best for layering. I have some other Lulu gear noted on my blog if you’re interested – I love the whole Run line. I hard inside when the wind chill puts the temperature below zero, though, I just can’t run when it’s too cold.

  5. Love your winter running gear! I had to pull out my running pants and jacket for the first time today and they were amazing.

  6. Get me some of those thermal pants!

  7. I’m a gym person but now that I’m OFFICIALLY signed up for the MORE/FITNESS half in April, I will be running my long days outside. I need to pick up another pair of thermals!

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