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By now you must have seen at least one other blogger playing the fun little game that’s been bouncing around for the last few weeks. It’s the post of randoms, which I happen to love. I like reading personal, quirky things about the person behind the computer screen; it makes me feel more connected to them as a person, rather than just a computer screen. Abby graciously tagged me to play the game and I am more than willing to oblige.

Here are the rules:

  1. Post these rules.
  2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions set for you in the post.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  5. Go to their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged.
  6. No stuff in the tagging section like, “you’ve been tagged if you’re reading this.” You (the blogger) have to legitimately tag 11 (or so) people.

Phew, that’s a lot of rules if you ask me! So let’s just hop right to it, shall we?

Eleven Random Things About Yours Truly

  • I graduated as the salutatorian in high school. People are impressed. Until I tell them my class size was 26. Heh.
  • I absolutely loathed running until my sophomore year of college. Run a mile for gym class? No thank you. Now I’m tackling 26.2.
  • I tried Chobani’s apple cinnamon flavor for the first time this week. It was good, but not as OMG fantastic as everyone made me believe. I blame too much hype. But yes, I’ll still buy it.

  • I have a leaking radiator in my bedroom. The dang thing randomly spurts out water and it’s incredibly annoying. If anyone knows how to fix it, I’m all ears.
  • Dustin was out of town for the last few days. Despite starting on “my” side of the bed, every morning I woke up on his side of the bed. Either I miss him or I just like my space.
  • My best friend moves back to New York (from Oklahoma) this summer. I am STOKED.
  • I’ve never lived without a roommate.
  • My one regret about college was never studying abroad.
  • My lucky number is nine, and I almost always bowl a nine for every frame.
  • It’s not a coincidence that the above factoid was the ninth one about me.
  • I have yet to meet someone who knows more about FRIENDS than I do. I bet I’d even give each cast member a run for their money about each character they played.


Eleven Questions from Abby

What was your best race? My very first half-marathon: the MORE/FITNESS half in April 2011. The weather was gorgeous, I was excitedly nervous, ecstatic to be back in NYC (I didn’t live here yet) and just ready to run. I blew my estimated finish time out of the water, felt great the whole race and soaked in the wonderful feeling of runner’s high. I’ll never forget that race, especially because I got a tattoo after it.

What is your favorite place to go for retail therapy? Hmm, that’s a tough one. I honestly don’t shop all that much because I have such a difficult time letting go of the money I earn. I’ll treat myself every once in a while, but I still can’t drop $80 on a pair of pants or anything like that.

What is your favorite color? Red. Always has been, always will be. I’m obsessed.

If you could go anywhere for a vacation, where would you go?  Somewhere I’ve never been that’s warm. It needs to have a place for me to run and a place for me to relax outside. Those are my only specifications.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Another tough one, Ms. Abby. I’ve received a ton of great advice. But I think the one that applies to nearly every area of my life is “push for what you want and never settle for anything less than what you deserve.” Maybe it sounds cliche, but it’s always in the back of my mind. My family taught me to be strong, independent, caring and compassionate. And I deserve to be treated nicely because I’m nice 🙂

What would your friends say is your most redeeming quality? You’d really have to ask them. But a lot of them have told me that I’m a great listener and they always feel like they can really open up to me without fear of being judged.

How did you start blogging? Originally, I did it for my career. Every editor told me I needed to have a blog so that higher level editors could see my work unedited. Now I blog because I love it and it’s another creative outlet for me.

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter. There’s a better sense of community there.

What is your pre-race ritual? Wake up, drink a glass of water, change into my race clothes right away, eat an untoasted bagel with peanut butter, drink another glass of water, stretch a bit, sip on water, spend lots of time in the bathroom, double-check I have everything I need, another trip to the bathroom….leave.

Woody Allen movies: yay or nay? Yayyyyy

Favorite book you’ve read in the last few years? The Hunger Games series. The Help and Unbroken are close behind.

Eleven Questions for Bloggers

  1. What’s your lucky number?
  2. How many siblings do you have?
  3. What was your favorite school subject and why?
  4. What’s your biggest gym pet peeve?
  5. What’s a healthy food that you really can’t stand?
  6. What’s your favorite cereal?
  7. Where’s the farthest you’ve traveled from home?
  8. N*SYNC or Backstreet Boys?
  9. What’s one career you find fascinating?
  10. How do you feel about Pinterest?
  11. What’s the biggest fear you’ve conquered?

You’ve been tagged:

And there you have it! Now you go: answer one of the above questions in the comments or tell me something random about yourself. Want to know more about me? Feel free to ask a question, too 🙂


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  1. It’s too bad we never had a Friends marathon back in Oswego – do you have all 10 seasons like I do?!?! I’m so glad I don’t have to feel like a total dork for that….

    And I much prefer the blood orange Chobani yogurts myself 😉

    • Are you kidding?! How did I never know this about you?!

      And yes, that’s a silly question. I’ve owned every season for many years now. I usually watch at least one episode every day. I NEVER get sick of it.

  2. Let’s play a game… I don’t blog, but this is a nice distraction from studying… here ya go

    1. I love to cook. I’ll cook anything if I like to eat it. And there’s not much I won’t eat.
    2. People always tell me they admire my focus and commitment to a task. But truthfully I never feel its good enough for myself. I’m my hardest critic in life, especially when it comes to medicine
    3. Medicine is the most amazing thing in the world to me. But even I get sick of it sometimes.
    4. There’s nothing more serene than a sunrise in the wilderness. It brings new light and birth to the new day. I’ve never been more at peace than in the wilderness and greeting the day with a cup of camp stove made coffee and the rising star of the universe.
    5. Coffee is my only addiction. It’s serious, and I love it. I know I’ll have chronic hypertension someday, but I’m willing to make the sacrifice. Good thing I know a good doctor, or two.
    6. My best friend in the world lives 3,000 miles away from me and I miss him every day.
    7. I picked up a new sport last year, mountain biking, and a new sport this year, competitively running and biking. I have an addictive personality to adrenaline rushes.
    8. I secretly wanted to change paths and become a backpacking guide in Wyoming.
    9. I think t.v. medical dramas are not entertaining any more. I don’t like what medical school has done to this aspect of me haha.
    10. I miss my family every day.
    11. I want to live in Maine more than words can describe.

    Your questions:
    What’s your lucky number? 13
    How many siblings do you have? 2
    What was your favorite school subject and why? Biology. What could be more interesting than studying the life of this world and how we all interact? Science nerd alert.
    What’s your biggest gym pet peeve? People who grunt, scream, and don’t wipe their nasty sweat off machines.
    What’s a healthy food that you really can’t stand? Beets
    What’s your favorite cereal? LIFE cinnamon
    Where’s the farthest you’ve traveled from home? San Diego, California
    N*SYNC or Backstreet Boys? Gay. Backsteet Boys.
    What’s one career you find fascinating? Aeronautical Engineering. I wish I could fly.
    How do you feel about Pinterest? Besides my girlfriend ignoring what I say to her, while she is on it, I could care less.
    What’s the biggest fear you’ve conquered? Backpacking by myself for two days in the Adirondacks with no help or communication for miles. Extremely humbling and motivating.

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