All You Need is Love

Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day! If you’re into the mushy, gushy profess your love in the most elaborate way possible on February 14 stuff, I hope you’ve had a fabulous day.

If not, I hope you’ve had a great Tuesday, too 🙂

Me, I’m an in-between type of girl. I don’t need huge bouquets of ridiculously overpriced flowers or dinner reservations at a swanky restaurant. Just show me that you love me (preferably more often than on just one day), and I’m a happy girl.

My aunt sent me these peeps in the mail and I was ecstatic. Love me some peeps and snail mail. Excellent combo. She sent me conversation hearts, too – I get some strange pleasure out of reading every heart in the box. I have no idea why.

Some other things I love:


(This makes me giggle)

Running. Especially running with your significant other. Can someone convince Dustin to jump on that bandwagon? I think it’d be fun…I’ve only convinced him to do it once.

My family. The first text message I received this morning was from my step-dad, wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day. It made me realize how much I miss them and can’t wait to see ’em again. (Scott, I’m still waiting on that weekend visit!)

Peanut butter. I find myself going through the stuff way too quickly lately, but I just can’t get enough of it. I made a yummy (and healthy!) cookie recipe last night and pb was the main star. I’ll be sharing soon, as you’ll want to get in on this action.

My friends. They make me chuckle and help me hang on to my sanity.

Libby put this on my Facebook this morning. I was not pleased. She sort of made up for when she followed up with this:


Le sigh.

To-Do Lists. I’m so type A, it’s not even funny. I get immense pleasure from writing out to-do lists and crossing off items on the list. Even if I’ve already done something, I’ll still write it down just so I can cross it off. And my race training plans? They’re blown up and put on the fridge in a pretty chart so I can make a big red ‘X’ through every workout I finish. And it must be red because that’s my favorite color.

Weddings. I’m a total sucker for ’em. Good thing, too, because everyone I know is getting married these days. We went to our friend Cayla’s wedding this weekend and it was so beautiful. I cried. Twice. And then I danced a lot to make up for it.

Dustin and Adam with the bride. Sorry for Adam’s crazy eyes. I swear he’s not that psycho.

Seasons. While it’s been an extremely out-of-the-ordinary warm winter, we have seen some seasonal change. I’m not complaining about the warmer temps because I’m not the biggest fan of winter, but I like to see snow make an appearance at least once a year.

We were in the middle of a snowstorm on Sunday at Dustin’s parents’ house, which was fun. If I remembered my boots, I would have made snow angels. Instead I just caught snow on my tongue.

And those are just a few things I love. Now it’s your turn! Tell me what, and who, you’re loving these days.

I’m off to spend some love time with this guy.

Now I’m the one with the crazy eyes. Go figure.

Have a great night!

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  1. Great post! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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