Surprise, Surprise

Remember how I said all you need is love on Valentine’s Day, and that Dustin and I never really celebrate? Well, that’s true…for the most part. We usually don’t pull out a ton of fancy stops. Instead, we acknowledge that it is in fact Valentine’s Day and make sure that we keep our calendars as clear as possible so that we can simply spend the evening together.

This year, Dustin kicked it up a notch. Kicked it up so much that he managed to surprise me, which he is never able to pull off. He can’t keep a secret – he gets too excited and then blows his cover. The reason he pulled this one off? He later admitted to me that he pulled it all together that day, so as long as he didn’t text me (which he actually avoided my texts), then he was safe.

I still smile every time I think about it, so I figure it’s worth sharing. When I got home, I was greeted with this on the front door of our apartment:

The note says, “Samantha, follow the roses.”

I opened the door and found another taped to the side of the fridge.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted another one hanging on our bedroom door.

This one reads, “I told you I love you.” Silly boy.

By this point, I’m looking around waiting for Dustin to pop out and scare me. With him nowhere in sight, I opened the door and saw this fun little trail:

Conversation hearts! Yes, I read them all.

That sugary path led straight to the TV, where one more rose was resting.

The final note reads, “Samantha, turn me on…the TV.” I giggled at that.

So I flipped on the TV, and this was awaiting me!

Wahoo! We have a tradition: he buys me all of the Twilight movies, and I buy him all of the Saw films. Both series seem to be ending soon, so it’s worked out well for us.

Dustin came up behind me, greeting me with a kiss and dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. Yum! We ate it as we watched the film and enjoyed a quiet evening together. It got me excited all over again for the next film! I don’t think these are any major works of art, but I enjoy the mindless entertainment. Why not, right?

I also had mail from my mom, which included these treats:

Can’t get enough of the Reese’s. Dustin’s mom also got me a giant Reese’s heart. Sugar coma = commence. Luckily, I’ve managed to space it all out and only indulged on a nibble here and there throughout the week. Talk about control.

So that was my Valentine’s Day, where I was definitely feeling the love. It was still quiet, but Dustin took that extra special step and I couldn’t have been happier. The most important part is that we all tell each other how we feel every single day.

Have you been feeling the love lately? Tell me your stories.


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  1. How sweet! What a great Valentine’s!

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