Feel-Good Friday: Colors and Cashews

Why, hello there. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Man, I’m a doofus for disappearing like that.

Sorry for the unexplained absence, but things have been a bit chaotic these days. And to be honest, I’ve been bumming pretty hard lately and didn’t want to get into it on the blog until I knew more information. Which I still don’t have, so I probably shouldn’t even have said that much. Someone get me a censor!


Anywho, enough of the talk about stuff that makes me sad. I’ll get into it more next week, when people who are smarter than me lay down the law and tell me what’s going on with my life for the next few months. And when I say my life, I really mean my running. Because that’s what life is all about, right? Right?

Ok, maybe not. But still.

So instead of focusing on the debbie-downers in life, let’s chat about the uppie-uppers (I couldn’t think of a female name that would go with uppers…). Here are some things that have been making me feel fabulous over the last week and a half. Maybe they’ll coax a smile out of you, too. 🙂

Conversation hearts. Yes, Valentine’s Day is waaaay over and St. Patrick’s Day is looming, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have these sugar-y treats hanging around. I told you, I like to read them. Not a huge fan of actually eating them. I don’t think the company cares, they still got my money.

I love that one of them says, “Tweet Me.” Oh, social media.

Compression socks. I got a hot pink pair from CEP about two weeks ago and hot damn I think it was love at first sight. I love the bright color (I’m extremely into bold colors right now) and they’ve helped my varicose vein tremendously. I put them on when my legs are all swollen and usually just fall asleep wearing them. They’re not too tight, so I don’t notice. Which is weird because I never used to be able to sleep with socks on. If I ever tried, I’d wake up with them kicked off. Maybe it’s because they’re too tight to kick off?

Anyway, when I wake up, my legs look normal again! They’ve also helped a lot with my recovery after long runs. No major muscle soreness? I can deal with that.

Manicure Mondays. So I didn’t do it this week, but one of these Mondays Libby, my friend Nina and I treated ourselves to mani/pedis at a salon near my apartment. We hadn’t gotten our hands done in forever, and it had been even longer since our feet got the tender treatment, so it was time to indulge.

I’m so glad I did! My manicure lasted over a week! That never happens. I’m one of those girls who has chipped nails less than 24 hours after a manicure, so it was like magic on my hands whenever I realized my fingers were still chip-free.

Actually, I was really sad when I discovered the first flaw. The magic was over. 😦

Cashews and lots o’ veggies. I know I’ve professed my love before, but I have been a veggie machine lately. All I’ve been craving is vegetables and some fruits here and there. Keep the meat away from me and the carbs. Ok, don’t really keep the carbs away. I’ve been eating all of the fuel I need for running, but my palate has only wanted the veggies. I’ve indulged in the work salad bar many times over the last two weeks and I just can’t get myself to think it’s a bad thing. My favorite add-on though? Cashews. Something about that nut gets me every time.


Sparkles. I’ve been planning my outfit for the National Half on St. Patrick’s Day (D.C., here I come!), and let me tell you, it’s full of sparkly goodness. And green, obviously. I might don some gold too, so Dustin can recognize me and so I’m representing Oswego! Whaddup, Lakers!

No, I won’t wear that scarf. But isn’t it pretty? I got it about a month ago and have worn it here and there. My affection for it kicked up a notch last week and I look at it every morning wondering if and how I can incorporate it into my wardrobe. Le sigh.

And there ya have it! Some feel-good fantastic-ness for you on this Friday. Who else is happy it’s Friday? I feel like it took forever to get here. I’m so excited about it, I might even dance to the Glee version of that awful “Friday” song by what’s her name. Now that’s saying something.

You know it’s your turn. Tell me about what’s been making you feel good this week!

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  1. Hi there! Just found your blog today via Healthful Bites! I have the same problem that you do with manicures, but I recently discovered Shellac through some co-workers and friends. I got a shellac manicure (about $20 I think) yesterday and I am IN LOVE. It will last 14 days and it makes your nails look SO pretty! Hope you can try it out. 🙂

  2. I must agree with Gabby on the Shellac. I have 3 real addictions – mani/pedi’s, hot yoga and sitting in the salt sanctuary. In all fairness, all 3 benefit my health and general well being. However, they are also expensive to be doing all the time. So last month I decided to make some major changes in order to be able to afford all these things that I love. I’m now making my own laundry detergent, febreeze, fabric softener and hair spray. I ordered ready to go bases for salt scrubs, lotion, conditioner, handsoap and gel and then just added my favorite fragrance oils to them (it all averaged out to be $.30 per bottle instead of the normal $2-$7 per bottle of the retail stuff. I just filled my old bottles too). And I got a Sam’s Club membership (and decided I could actually tolerate meat that has been frozen. Which I haven’t frozen then thawed, cooked and enjoyed meat in 4 years. cause I’m weird. I have no real reasoning behind this.) to cut back on the cost of at least some of the groceries. I got an unlimited 3 month pass to hot yoga, which with my daily addiction yields only $4 per class instead of $15. And I started getting my mani/ pedi done with shellac once per month instead of the normal way every week. The Shellac easily lasts for 2 weeks. My pedicures always last a bit longer. I started wearing gloves when cleaning and washing dishes to further help stay my mani. Usually I just give them a quick file in the morning, clip the cuticles every other day and the last week I’ll give myself a quick, less than great, paint job to get me through. It’s well worth it! Anyways, now I’m saving my pennies for a year membership to the salt sanctuary… because at $89 per hour, it’s really not affordable. But I’m so addicted to breathing and it’s the only thing that has really helped my allergy-induced nasal problems. *sigh*

    It’s been a while since I commented, so I feel like I need a good one for you. 😀

    What’s making me feel good this week? hmmmm.

    Cupcakes and awesome friends. My baking business is coming back with a vengeance, thankfully. I really can’t take much of the credit though. My facebook friends have been blasting out my business to anyone and everyone they know.

    Awesome business cards. No joke, I got 1000 full color front, b&w back business cards from gotprint.com for $18 + shipping (i did rush order, that was $8). They are the best quality card I have seen. Almost as thick as a credit card. Outstanding quality. Everyone should use them. I am so very, very impressed.

    Puppies. I just love my Harley dog sooo much. The other day he attempted to kill me by taking the bathmat while I was in the shower. As a result I had a near death experience when I slipped on the floor sans bathmat. Luckily the bathroom is not that big so I was able to grab hold of something before I died.

    Pinterest. I know, how much of a looser am I that I am thankful for Pinterest? Lol. But in all seriousness, I am. It has really unleashed my creativity. I can’t unveil too much right now, but 2012 is really shaping up to be a flipping fantastic year.

    Have a great day chica!

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