Surviving the Hunger Games

This pretty much sums up my philosophy about working out these days:


Oh, and this too:


I may or may not have that set as my actual alarm…minus the picture. My phone isn’t that fancy.

So when Theodora invited me to a Hunger Games-themed workout at Daily Burn, I was all over it. It was extra fabulous when I found out I was hangin’ with these ladies:

Laura, Ashley, Erica, Theodora, Some Sweaty Girl and Cat.

(Photo courtesy of Theodora)

Daily Burn is a customizable workout program that you can access on your computer, iPad, iPhone, etc. Not only does it personalize your workouts on a daily basis, but it helps you form a nutrition plan and connects you with other users, which obviously helps with encouragement and motivation. It’s still in its baby stages, so there are only about 33 different workout videos, but they all vary in time and purpose. So whether you want a simple quickie (TWSS) or a long, hard, sweaty beast (calm your dirty minds), you’re likely to find it here. And it suggests what type of workout you do the next day based on what you’ve been doing all week. So if you’re doing some strength work on say, Wednesday, it automatically knows to mix things up for you. If you decide you’re not feeling that video though, you can reject it and it’ll offer you a new one. Rinse and repeat until you find one you like.

Obviously they’re looking into expansion too, so more videos will be coming our way soon. Hopefully they’ll get enough user feedback so they can make the programs even more individualized, so you could plug in that you’re specifically training for a full or half-marathon, for example, and the program will take that into account too. Fingers crossed!

(Photo courtesy of Theodora)

We went through the “Animal Core” workout, led by the hilarious trainer Eitan Kramer. We’re doing the crab walk in the picture above. Who else remembers doing these in, like, second grade? No matter how many times I do them, I still feel like a little kid. We did some other hardcore moves, many involving plyometric movements, and this morning I was feeling quite tight. Makes me wonder how Rue blissfully pounced from tree to tree all the time! Anyway, it’s a good thing I had physical therapy so my trainer could streeeeetch me right out.

But if Eitan isn’t quite for you (which would mean you don’t like to laugh during your workouts, and that’s just silly itself), there are five other trainers you can choose from. Animal Core is rated on the intermediate level for intensity and lasted about 40 minutes. But again, you can choose which you like and discard others. Me? I would definitely let my pterodactyl come out to play again. Who knows, she might be able to take out a tribute or two for me.

My favorite part of the program? Most of the videos are equipment-free. And if they say you need equipment, usually a body-weight modification is available. Makes it a great tool for those constantly traveling, or those who have trouble accessing a gym (or just don’t want to). If you’re the kind who brings your iPad to the gym, it would work well for that, too. I’m way too scared to bring that puppy out, though. With my general clumsiness, that’s just asking for a broken piece of technology.

(Photo courtesy of Theodora)

We popped some bubbly afterward (something I think should happen all the time) and snacked on fruit and veggies while chit-chatting some more. It was a great night and I was stoked to meet some more NYC bloggers, most of whom I already stalked online.

I know I said I’d have D.C. plans for you, but clearly some more fun events have popped up unexpectedly that I’d rather talk about. But you will learn these plans of mine, I promise (or maybe I should stop promising things?). For now, I’m off to rest before my fun day of travel down to D.C. (that’s sarcasm). As much as I wish I was as badass as Katniss, I realize that I am not — which means I need to do everything I can so that the odds are ever in my favor.

(Photo courtesy of Theodora)

Point in case: I don’t think Katniss would ever make that face I’m sportin’. I’m not even sure Haymitch would. *shakemyhead*

Good night!

What new workouts have you tried recently? Loved it or hated it? 


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