Celebrating in Nashville

This is the last post about things surrounding the Country Music Half-Marathon weekend, I swear. But I couldn’t just keep blogging without sharing the events that happened post-race…

After a glorious post-race shower and nap at the hotel, my dad, step-mom, Dustin and I headed to Casa Fiesta for lunch. After a big race, I crave one of two things: pizza or Mexican. Pizza won in D.C., but Mexican was the clear choice this go-round. The place was packed the night before the race and as we pulled up, it was fairly busy again. A very, very good sign. Especially once we realized it was busy enough to ease any lingering worries, but not so busy that we had a long wait. After a quick cleanup for an outside table, we were brought out to the porch to relax in the shade. Before I knew it, I was sipping on one of these bad boys:

I limited myself to one of these beauties because of the sugar overload, but I enjoyed every last sip. The group noshed on chips with salsa, cheese and guacamole (Strangely, I was the only one who went for the guac. I need my healthy fats!). After, I enjoyed a taco salad, but left the tortilla bowl on my plate. It’s safe to say I was adequately stuffed and happy as a clam after. I was so happy, in fact, that I took another nap while I waited for some friends to finish their respective meals at a restaurant downtown.

When I awoke, I met Jocelyn, Laura and Emilia at The Second Fiddle for a few drinks before Rock ‘n’ Roll’s traditional post-race concert. The lineup: Gloriana and Rodney Atkins. Based on my country running playlist, you know there was no way I was missin’ out. So after a lot of chit-chat with the locals and other racers, we headed over to Bridgestone Arena for the concert. Lucky for us, we met a couple who had raced before and told us that if we got there early we could nab a wristband and stand right by the stage. Decision: made.

By the way, this was Dustin’s first concert. Ever. He’s such a weirdo and doesn’t listen to music very often. If he does, it’s usually because he’s with me, so obviously that means he’s listening to country. If we’re in the car and the country stations don’t come in, then we’ll switch to Top 40, but otherwise it’s my man Keith Urban and all of his country-lovin’ friends croonin’ in my speakers.

Anyway, the concert started right on time and Gloriana opened up for Rodney. They did a great job, especially for an opener, and played a lot of songs from their new album, reminding me I have some downloading to do. Funny story: Dustin’s best friend, Adam, randomly ran into the band on a plane a few weeks ago, but didn’t know who they were. He thought Rachel Reinert (lead female vocalist) was really cute, so after talking her up a bit, he asked her out to dinner. Unfortunately for him, she’s married and politely declined. Or that’s what she said, at least. We paid attention at the concert and didn’t see a ring on her finger, so maybe she was just letting him down easy. Sorry Ob!

Between acts, the top runners were announced and given their medals. We also found out that Sheryl Crow ran with us, killing the course (her first half) in 1:59.14! Rock star! They also said Taylor Swift ran with us, but I’ll believe that when I see her chip time. Nothing pops up in a Google search either, so she either didn’t finish or was never there. At least I know I didn’t miss her, then!

Then it was show time: Rodney opened with “Farmer’s Daughter,” one of my favorite tunes these days. So catchy. He played every single one of my favorite songs, including “America,” “Going through Hell,” “Watchin’ You,” “He’s Mine,” “Take a Back Road” and “Cleanin’ This Gun.” My dad loves “Cleanin’ This Gun” and says he thinks of Dustin and I whenever he hears it. Such a protective dad 😉

He was really interactive with the audience, which I always appreciate – after all, if we just wanted you to play your songs, we’d only download the album. I go to concerts to see the singer’s personality more, and Rodney’s did not disappoint. He had about 30 or so guitar picks that he used and then tossed randomly throughout the audience, and Dustin nabbed one! It dropped on the floor near us, so he made a quick dive for it and gave it to me. That’s my first legit souvenir from a concert (that I didn’t buy) and as cheesy as it sounds, it’s so cool to me that he used it! But that’s not all I got. No, Dustin really has monkey arms. Right before Rodney sang “Cleanin’ This Gun,” he used a T-shirt gun to blast tees into the audience. He tossed a few down to the front of the stage, where we were standing, and threw one right at Dustin! It’s a little big, but I still think it’s cute.

A new bed-time shirt, at the very least 🙂 Thanks again, babe!

We were pretty tuckered out after and still had a two-hour drive ahead of us to my dad’s house, so we hopped in the car and headed to Chattanooga. The rest of the weekend was very relaxing: friends came over, we grilled burgers, made more margaritas, and listened to country tunes by the bonfire. I couldn’t have asked for a better wrap-up to a fun-filled weekend.

Oh, I got to see my grandparents, too! They drove to my dad’s on Monday before our return flight, so we went to lunch to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday, which is today! Happy Birthday Grandma! I don’t get to see my Tennessee family very often, so any time, no matter how short, is always special.

(Sorry for the bad picture quality)

And that’s all she wrote, y’all!

Now it’s your turn to share: If you could see one person in concert, who would it be and why? I’m still dying to see my main man Keith Urban, but would also love to see Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Kenney Chesney and Darius Rucker, to name a few. And if you’ve already seen your favorite artist, tell me who it was and all about how awesome it was!


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  1. My FAVORITE band is Coldplay…husband proposed at their concert…walked down the aisle to my proposal song…L-O-V-E them. I hope to see them again soon; their tour doesn’t come to NYC this time! ;-( Great concert! I hate country; love Gloriana!

  2. Ok…don’t judge! I’ve never been to a concert and I will be 34 next week. It’s on my bucket list I just need to cross it off. I don’t care who I will see…I just want to go.

  3. Thanks to events like the CMA Music Festival and the Houston Rodeo, I’ve seen pretty much every big-name country artist out there. Except Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw, who both are at CMA Fest this year but skipped the rodeo. Bah! Someday, haha. I also would have loved to see the Dixie Chicks before they got shunned from country radio forever.

    It was so great to meet you in Nashville! I am so in for the half again next year.

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