Fig & Olive

I love the fact that it’s Sunday and there’s still one more day to relax and soak up the sunshine. Aren’t holiday vacations a beautiful thing?

While I have some fun stuff to let you guys in on soon, I had to let y’all know about a new-to-me restaurant I dined at this weekend with my foodie partner-in-crime, Libby.


Fig & Olive. Word to the wise: if you’re in NYC and have a bit of money to spare (or you’re just willing to spend a bit more), pay a visit to this restaurant. I’ve been craving figs for a while now, but didn’t have the ambition to cook anything for brunch on Saturday. So Libby and I pulled ourselves together and made our way to the Lexington Avenue location (they have five venues) to give it a whirl.  Best. Decision. Ever.

We walked in thinking we would enjoy a mimosa, but immediately changed our minds when we saw numerous people drinking bubbly with strawberries. After a quick glance at the menu, we ordered the priscine – a blend of white wine and strawberries. I had to keep myself in check so I didn’t suck it all down before my meal arrived.

I glanced at the menu before leaving for the restaurant and decided I wanted to order the fig & walnut pancakes to satisfy my fig craving. Unfortunately, the menus must be different at each location because the brunch menu that was handed to me didn’t have the pancakes as an option! Majorly bummed, I wasn’t sure what else I wanted. Determined to get my fig fix anyway while simultaneously satisfying Libby’s craving for bread, we ordered the bread basket that came with an array of fig jams. Unfortunately, we didn’t specify that we wanted the $3.50 basket and ended up paying for the $9.00 one. Womp womp. So if you do go to Fig & Olive, make sure you specify what you want.

I had a few slices of bread with the fig jam and it was oh-my-god delicious. The jam had just the right twinge of sweetness and hit the spot without sending my sweet tooth into overdrive. And by the time the waiter arrived for a third time, I knew what I wanted as my main entrée: the French toast with strawberry puree and whipped vanilla cream.

This is by far and away the best French toast I have ever eaten in my entire life (sorry, Mom!). It was warm, soft and my fork sliced through the stack with ease. The waiter gave me syrup on the side, but I never used it because it simply wasn’t needed. There was so much moisture and sweetness from the strawberry puree. Oh, I took the whipped vanilla cream off too because it was a bit too heavy for my stomach. I mixed a small forkful of it in for the first few bites, but scraped it off after. My tummy wanted simple yet decadent, and that’s exactly what it got.

Overall, the meal was a bit pricey, but the service was great and the meal was absolutely delicious. I won’t make Fig  & Olive a regular stop by any means, but I’ll definitely keep it in the back of my mind for special occasions when I’m willing to splurge.

Your turn: What’s your favorite brunch food? I’m a sucker for pancakes, but love French toast if it’s made right. This definitely was.


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