Checking Out Chobani SoHo

I’m a big fan of Greek yogurt. Like, a really big fan. I have some every single day, either as a snack or mixed into a meal. It’s one of those foods that’s easy for me to grab when I’m scurrying around like a mad woman, and I know that I’m still putting something in my body that’s really good for me.

So when I heard that one of my all-time favorite Greek yogurt companies had opened up a yogurt bar in SoHo, I was just a tad excited. As in, I couldn’t wait to make the hour-long trek from Astoria down to SoHo so I could get my hands on some of the delicious goodness.

Lucky for me, Chobani was kind enough to extend me an invitation to a recent blogger event to test out all of their creations. I even got to bring along this fun girl I know:

That’s Chloe. She was an ASME intern (like me!) at Parents for the summer and I was her mentor. I shared what little knowledge I have about the magazine industry with her, and she sang my praises. Sounds like a win to me.

Once at Chobani SoHo, we learned about the different sweet and savory combos they make, the history of Chobani, where and how it’s made and then taste-tested it all. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the savory flavors, the sweet ones were a major hit.

Out of the nine yogurt creations, I narrowed it down to a top three. Drum roll, please…

1.) Fig + Walnut: Turkish Figs, Walnuts and Honey.

I blame it on my obsession with figs. This was unbelievably delicious.

2.) Peanut Butter + Jelly: Peanut Butter, Jelly, Grapes and Peanuts

Come on, are you seriously wondering why? It has PEANUT BUTTER.

3.) Pistachio + Chocolate: Pistachios, Dark Chocolate, Honey, Oranges and Mint Leaves

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this when it was delivered, but it was OMG-fantastic. I seriously considered moving it up the list, but couldn’t cheat on pb like that. It’s already upset about the #2 spot.

Even though those are my top three, I really liked the majority of them. The only one I strongly didn’t like was the Plain Chobani + Olive Oil. But if you are a fan of more savory dishes, this may be right up your alley.

So whenever I’m down in SoHo, I know I’ll be making a stop here. It’s only $3.50-$3.75 for one of these tasty treats, and if you bring the glass container that it’s served in (after you’ve gone once, of course), then you get 50 cents knocked off. Not too shabby.

Have you been to Chobani SoHo yet? Do you have a favorite Greek flavor? If someone finds the Chobani Vanilla Chocolate Chunk, BUY ME SOME. I can’t find it and seriously want to try it.

{Disclaimer: I was invited to this event free of charge, but was not required to write about my experiences. All opinions are my own.}


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  1. Sam, I don’t drink milk and–up until I discovered Chobani–I didn’t like yogurt. This, however, is delicious, with a firm texture that feels almost like ice-cream. No-fat plain is my favorite. ❤

  2. Wow, all these combos look wonderful. I love chobani yogurt – all their flavors, although now I just eat the vanilla with lots of my own fruit added to avoid sweeteners. passion fruit was my favorite flavor – it wasn’t quite as sweet as the others. It’s the only yogurt I’ll eat now!

  3. Can’t find Vanilla Chocolate Chunk? Check in with your store’s Dairy Manager and put in a request for the store to stock the shelves with that flavor!


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