Why, Hello There

Wow, I’m such a good blogger – I leave you with some books to read, head off to the Bahamas on my first cruise vacation and don’t return for two months! I’ll just say I wanted to give you some space so you had time to read all of those great books I suggested, mmk? Yeah, that’s totally what happened.

Well, since Hurricane Sandy is raging and about to wreak havoc all over NYC, let’s look at some happy, beachy pictures from my vacation. We can all imagine that we’re there, instead of hunkered on the couch watching reruns of Gossip Girl, Boy Meets World and Friends (Don’t say it’s just me).

That was nice, right? Anyway, in the last two months I’ve done a lot of fun things and managed to cross a few items off of my bucket list! Dustin and I absolutely loved our cruise vacation. We went through Royal Caribbean’s line and were on their Majesty of the Seas ship. While it’s one of their older ships, it’s still quite nice. They had tons of entertainment throughout the day, great workout facilities and food available at any hour of the day.

If you’re looking to save some dough while on a cruise, definitely book a state room on the lower levels of the ship. You don’t get a view from your room, but it doesn’t matter – we were only there to sleep, so I really didn’t care about whether or not I could see the ocean from my bed. I was outside dipping my toes in the water instead! And if you’re one of those who needs complete darkness for a good night’s sleep, these rooms are perfect.

We hit three islands on our trip – Nassau, Coco Cay and Key West – and each one was beautiful with a lot of sporty activities. Dustin and I went to Atlantis in Nassau and walked a lot, exploring the aquariums and beach. We went jet skiing, swam in the crystal clear ocean and played with star fish in Coco Cay, and then we walked nearly the entire island of Key West so I could show Dustin all of the fun sights I relished the first time I visited that island – the Southernmost Point, Hemingway House, Sloppy Joe’s and, of course, the beach.

I swear we actually rode this in the water.

I dove straight into a container of conch fritters when we were in Key West, too. They may be fried, but man, my taste buds missed those delicious pieces of heaven.

The other bucket list item I crossed off my list – learning how to surf! I recently spent four days in North Carolina’s Crystal Coast and managed to ride the waves. OK, I only rode one, but I learned so much. Surfing is such a cool, interesting sport that really teaches you to respect the waves. Be sure to check out The Fit Stop soon for all the details!

This is a bit of a random post, I know, but at least you’re caught up on the big things that happened while I was away. I’ll be back tomorrow – there’s a race I’m supposed to tackle in 12 days and I’m ready to spill all of the details!


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