Favorite Fitness Finds & Holiday Wish List

‘Tis the season for gift giving and let’s be honest: workout gear is expensive. If you’re a big fan of sweat, or know someone else who is, then think about gifting any of these top picks during the holiday season. The recipient may just give you a big ole’ sweaty hug full of love (Family: if you give me any of these, that sweaty hug is guaranteed. Pinky promise).

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 Sneakers


These are my sneakers of choice. I overpronate a bit, so these are a great stability shoe that keep my feet healthy and happy. Ever since I ran the Disney Wine & Dine, I’ve been in need of a new pair. The 10K I ran this past weekend (recap to come, I swear) only proved it even more. I’m holding out until the holidays are over, and if I don’t get a pair, will quickly be snatching up another (or maybe 2). I really like how the pink jazzes ’em up a bit.

NOTE: If you don’t know your runner’s shoe choice, I recommend getting them a gift card to a shoe store instead.

Lululemon Women’s Brisk Run Glove 

Baby, it’s cold outside. And some of us are crazy and like to run in the chilly weather. These pretty little things keep my digits warm and have that cool technology everyone wants these days – the ability to use your touchscreen device without taking the gloves off.

iPad Home

ipad home

OK, this is a wish list item of mine, but I think it would be awesome to help launch me back into my yoga practice. I simply can’t afford to regularly hit up a studio on top of gym fees and SoulCycle costs, so owning this would help pump up the volume on my iPad and really get me in that “om” mindset that tends to occur in a studio. Plus, it’d be cool to have when people come visit and we want to play music. Multi-purpose win.

Under Armour Must-Have Bag 

I’ve been drooling over this baby since FITNESS featured it in last year’s holiday gift guide. Dustin, bless his heart, tried to get one for me for Christmas, but it sold out too quickly. They’ve re-stocked, so maybe the second time’s the charm?

Sparkly Soul Headbands

sparkly soul

Every runner has their go-to headband that they swear by, and Sparkly Soul does it for me. It never moves, despite my oddly-shaped noggin, and it’s cute. I like sparkle.

Erica Sara Designs Custom Jewelry

Because her stuff is awesome. It’s a wish list item for me personally, but I’ve seen enough of her jewelry in person to know it’s totally worth it and something people will comment on all the time. And Erica is an amazing person to work with.

Lululemon No Limits Tank


I. Love. This. Top. It’s so comfy, cute and lightweight. There’s a wide array of colors (I have it in pink, above, and a baby blue) and it’s versatile. I go Spinning in it often, but know it’s also great for yoga practice or just lounging around. It’s nice and long, which is great for my torso, and the cinched bottom helps it stay put while I’m partying on a bike. No more worrying about shirts riding up and showing off my back and stomach in the middle of my ride.

iPod Shuffle 

I personally don’t like to run with anything big strapped to my arm, so this small version is perfect for my runs. I only have my running music on it, so it eliminates the need for a playlist. I have more than 6 hours of pumped-up tunes on here and there’s still plenty of room for more songs. The downside: I can’t scroll through if I’m craving a specific song at a certain moment, but for the small size and equally small price tag, it’s worth it. And if you don’t want to get your fitness fanatic an iPod (or they already have one), iTunes cards are always a great choice.

Believe I Am Journal

Believe Journal

I recently acquired one from winning a giveaway over at Sarah’s blog (woohoo, I finally won something!) and am already obsessed. I love all of the motivational tips, the organization (for the type-A obsessed) and the pretty designs. Great for those setting new goals in 2013.

Lululemon Run: Speed Shorts

I know I’m showing the Lulu love, but they have some great products. These shorts are no exception. No chafing, no riding up and a wide waistband to keep things flattering. There are also three small pockets, so there’s plenty of room for storage, and the designs are adorable. I’m lusting after the burning yellow and chevron patterns.

What fitness gear are you lusting after this season? Or giving to loved ones? 


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