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23 Thankful Things

Thanksgiving is, by far, the best holiday. There’s no stress of presents, family is all around, there’s a ton of food and, in my family, we play a lot of games and watch football. If we’re lucky, runs,walks and naps can be tossed in, too. Perfect day, right?

This is why I don’t understand why it’s kind of the “forgotten holiday.” Why must stores and radio stations skip over it and go right to Christmas? Every time my mom tried to listen to the radio today, Christmas music was playing! This might be fine for some people, but to me, the celebration of Christmas does not begin until the day after Thanksgiving. Not before. Not on it. After. Give the turkey some respect!

Anyway, I have a whole lot to be thankful for this year. And since I just closed out my 22nd year on Sunday, let’s kick off 23 with a bang – here’s 23 things I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for my family. Come on, you knew this was going to be number one. Basically, my family rocks. I hope yours is as cool as mine. And now that we’re older, we all get along really well. Even though we’re all living in different cities, I love that we’re still all close enough to reunite for the holidays. We don’t get to hang out together often, but when we do, I find it to be quite epic. Game night is pretty insane.

Insert Scott, Karissa and Stephen here. We weren’t smart enough to take a family picture today.

I’m thankful for my mom’s cooking. Damn, she knows how to make a great Thanksgiving dinner. So full.

I’m thankful for Ryan Gosling. Clearly.

I’m thankful I can run. There isn’t a turkey trot in my hometown, so I made my own and hit the pavement for 4 Garmin-free miles today. I may have forgotten to pack my watch so I technically was forced to go stat-free, but it was glorious. I know a lot of people have had running struggles this year, and I’ve suffered through a few injuries myself, but I’m so thankful I have the ability to lace up my sneakers and sweat out some stress whenever I need it.

I’m thankful for today’s weather. And the weather on my birthday. Both days were pretty phenomenal. Way to go, Mother Nature.

I’m thankful for peanut butter. I don’t know how the world can go on without it.

I’m thankful for my health. Again, I know a lot of people who struggled this year. Fortunately, I had no major setbacks and am in great health. I had a bit of a scare earlier this year, but was lucky that it wasn’t anything serious.

I’m thankful I survived my first year as an adult. I made it a full year (almost a year and a half, actually!) on my own, in my dream city, working at my dream job. Life doesn’t get much better.

Speaking of, I’m thankful for my job. It really is awesome and something I dreamed about doing since I was in sixth grade. I have fantastic co-workers who showered me with love on my birthday, and who are so unbelievably passionate and amazing to work with. I truly am so grateful for every day I get to wake up and go to that office.

I’m thankful for my iPhone. Judge all you want, I love it.

I’m thankful for my bucket listI’ve managed to cross six things off of it in 2012! I’m grateful for each and every one.

I’m thankful for shirts with thumb holes in the sleeves. 

I’m thankful for my roommate. Living with Libby the last two years has been a dream. It’s not very often you find friends that you can actually stand to live with, so I’m lucky she’s one of them. When we part someday, it will definitely be the end of an era.

I’m thankful for FRIENDS. Best TV show ever. And if you say How I Met Your Mother is better, I might hit you. It’s basically the same show, but FRIENDS came first and they did it better. But I still like HIMYM. 

I’m thankful for books. I’ve kept up my New Year’s resolution to read at least one a month and it’s made me so happy this year. I feel so much more balanced about my life if I give myself the time to get lost in someone else’s story.

I’m thankful for Oswego

I’m thankful for bobby pins. I don’t know how I lose so many all the freaking time, but for such a small thing, it does a great job of keeping my hair in check. Whenever I can find one to use, that is.

I’m thankful for New York City. It’s just an amazing city, along with the people who are in it.

I’m thankful for SoulCycle. It totally balances me out from running and there’s nothing like the cardio dance party I get when I’m there. I don’t like to be competitive when I spin, which is why I prefer Soul over Flywheel. At Soul, I’m able to totally let go and just sync up with the beat of the music. It really is a dance party on a bike – the 600-calorie-burn in 45 minutes is just an added bonus.

I’m thankful for Liz, Joey and my soon-to-be baby niece. I may not be blood, but I will be the best pseudo-Aunt ever. Liz and Joey recently let me know that I’m baby girl’s godmother, and I could not feel more honored and loved. I am going to spoil the crap out of that child.

I’m thankful for Twitter. I like it more than Facebook. The people are fun there.

I’m thankful for my friends. Whether they’re on social media or from real life, I love you all. I’ve found some pretty rad people to hang out with me. I don’t know what I did to convince them to let me stick around, but I’ll keep trying to impress you. I can bake! Kind of.

I’m thankful for Dustin. He really, truly is my best friend and I would be lost without him. He listens to my crazy talk, puts up with my mood swings and well, he just gets me. He supports me and encourages me to go after my goals. He’s one of my biggest cheerleaders, and I can always count on seeing him on the sidelines at my half-marathons, most likely at the point when I feel like I’m going to die. He always knows how to make me laugh, even if he was pissing me off two minutes before. And he likes a lot of the same weird stuff I like. And if he doesn’t, he puts up with it. Which is kind of awesome.

Now it’s your turn to get your thankful on: you don’t have to tell me 23 awesome things going on in your life, but it’s cool if you do. I want to read at least one. Everyone has cool stories.

Feel-Good Friday: Food and Friends

Happy Friday! I hope you’re all having a fabulous day and ready for the weekend celebrations. It’s been a rainy week here in NYC, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting my thankful on. Here are just a few things that have been making my feel extra fantastic this week.


Cooking. That’s right, I’ve been doing it people. I’ve made three legit meals this week, which must be a new record. Dustin and I fell off of the cooking-at-home bandwagon with our crazy travel schedules, but we’re hopping back on now.

Kristin’s recipes have been a lifesaver, giving Dustin the not-healthy taste he wants with the nutrition boost we both need. Buffalo chicken quinoa was created one night and crock pot Santa Fe chicken another. Last night I made a turkey enchilada casserole following this recipe, and it tasted just as good today when it served as my lunch. YUM.

Physical therapy. I’ve been going religiously twice a week and it’s helped dramatically. I barely felt any knee pain during last weekend’s half, and the foot pain is getting better every day. After this week’s appointments, Ken says I should only need to come in for one more week before I can continue on my own. It’ll be a sad day, Ken, I know, but we can still be friends. I just don’t want to keep paying you to be my friend. 🙂

Cake. I wasn’t kidding when I titled this post with the word “food.” It’s FITNESS’ 20th anniversary this month (yay!) and we had a yummy cake in the office to celebrate. NYC friends, if you’re looking to quickly get a cake for a reasonable price, go with Buttercup Bake Shop. Super cute and super delicious.

Bloggers. There are so many of you out there, and I try to read as many as I can. You’ve given me some fantastic ideas for “what’s next,” especially because I’m not going to be hard-core running for a little bit. Stay tuned, folks, I promise you’ll find out soon.

Cinco de Mayo. I love Mexican food. It’s by far my favorite. I’m always in the mood for it. ALWAYS. Put a margarita next to it and I’m a happy girl. I even like to have it after I race half-marathons. But yeah, I’m celebrating this weekend. TBD which Mexican place will be hit up this weekend, so if you have suggestions, throw ’em at me.

Chocolate. I just have to talk about these delicious treats that Abby gave me as a post-race celebration. Holy yum. I don’t remember the name of them, though. Abby, help a girl out? I need to go buy some more.

Spinning. No, I can’t run right now (PT Ken says so), but I can still break a sweat. So my choice of cardio right now is Spinning. I actually just got done spinning, where I got my dance party on at SoulCycle with one of my fave instructors, Danny. And we can’t forget about the charity ride I’m doing tomorrow now, can we? It’s sure to be a sweat-tastic time, so if you’re in the concrete jungle, stop over at 3p.m. I’ll be nice and give you a sweat-filled hug. Pinky promise.

What’s been making you feel good this week?

Thankful on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! I’m not sure what the weather’s like where you are, but it is GORGEOUS here in New York City. I was out the door for physical therapy before 6:30 this morning and it was already 70 degrees out. Walking around sans jacket definitely put a little pep in my step and I am in a glorious mood. Funny how the weather can inspire such drastic mood changes in people.

The last few days, I’ve been taking the time to just be. How often do we do that these days? Definitely not often enough, especially when you live in a city that never sleeps and people are constantly on the go to get somewhere. So every once in a while, mostly when I’m outside in the sunshine, I remember to pause and just live in the moment that I’m in. And it’s been glorious.

Whenever I read Ali’s Thankful Things Thursday posts, I always get a big smile on my face and it sets me up for a good day. I don’t feel like waiting until Thursday, so I’m going to get my thankful on today. It’s Tuesday, so it still starts with a “T,” which makes it still cute-sy and stuff. Here we go!

I’m thankful for…

My running coach and physical therapist.

They’re both pretty rad. They know each other too, which makes things more fun. They talk about me when I’m not around. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Hopefully they say nice things. Even if they don’t, I’m still thankful for them. There’s no way in hell I would’ve gotten through this training cycle without them. Mentally, I’ve been beating myself up for a while and am totally checked out. I’m kind of ready for this race to just be here so I can be done with it. But more on that later.

Basically, if I didn’t have coach Abby to report to and Ken fixin’ me up twice a week, then I don’t think I would survive. They brighten my day and keep me from doing stupid things. They’re much smarter than me.


I like that it tells me I’m “awesome” or “impressive” every Monday, despite how few miles I log on a weekly basis. It makes me feel better.

This weather. Because that’s a given. 86 degrees in mid-April isn’t typical, but I’m not complaining. Please stay forever, warm weather ❤

My job.

Even though some silly survey thinks that journalism is one of the worst jobs ever, I tend to disagree. Instead, I think Forbes did a pretty good job explaining how rad my career is. My favorite part? I’m constantly learning. I loved going to school and constantly absorbing new information (am I nerd?) and I get to do that every single day still. I also get to do super cool things and meet extremely interesting people on a daily basis. Win.

My friends.

A lot of them have come to visit since I’ve moved to this grand city and it means the world to me. My buddy Tim, from high school, came for a quick trip the other day. It had been a long time since I’d seen him.

Despite battling a nasty cold that I believe came from the oh-so-wonderful Dustin, we did a lot of walking on Sunday and fun shopping. He lets me dress him, which is very exciting. I think Dustin got jealous because he let me dress him, too. This is new. I like it.

I also got to dress myself in fun dresses suitable for this beautiful weather. This is my outfit today, for example, except I took this picture when I was in the dressing room over the weekend. Ya know, to make sure it looked cute.

But anyway, I really like my friends. They’re super cool. You should be my friend, too. We’ll have fun.

New York City.

It really is a beautiful place and I could not be more happy about living here. Last night I saw a movie with Libby, and as we walked home, we passed Lincoln Center and all of the beautiful fountains and structures that surround that area of town. So pretty and, even though a lot of people are busy, it was peaceful.

Going to school at Oswego.

Speaking of beautiful places, Oswego is definitely one of them. Even though I love this city, I can’t help but miss the college days when a warm-weather day like this one would mean a game of pickup soccer, relaxing by the lake listening to the guitarists play, a walk on the breakwall to reach the lighthouse, followed up with dinner at Rudy’s seafood and dessert at Bev’s ice cream. Apparently I’m not the only one nostalgic for my alma mater either.


Not actual holes in the wall because those aren’t fun, especially when it’s time to move out of your apartment and you have to either fix the hole or watch a big chunk of change disappear from your security deposit (Luckily, no said holes appear in my current apartment. Phew). But rather, little gems of a restaurant or bar that are tucked away in the city, not outrageously advertised but stumbled upon quietly. That happened this weekend when Tim, Dustin and I happened upon Chat ‘n Chew diner.

The atmosphere was quaint, the decor was cute and the prices were just right. The menu was limited, for sure, but I’m not one to complain. The grilled chicken sandwich was bomb-tastic. (Why do I say non-words like this? I don’t know.)

I could keep going, but this post is getting a little long. Just know I’m full of thankful today.

Your turn: tell me what you’re thankful for! I don’t care how big or how small, just tell me. You’ll feel better, I promise!

PS: I added a new page! Check out my personal bucket list, then tell me what awesome things you want to experience.

Feel-Good Friday: Colors are Fun

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go. I’m standing here outside your door…

Juuuuust kidding about the hangin’ outside your door part. I’m not that creepy. Swear.

But my bags really are packed and I’m ready to go. In fact, I’m already on my way to D.C., courtesy of the big ole’ Megabus. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that everything operates smoothly and we arrive in Union Station on time — I have a small window to get my butt to the expo and pick up my bib!

But instead of stressing about things that might go wrong, let’s focus on happy things. Because it’s Feel-Good Friday and you know it’s the best part of the week. Usually I like to list a bunch of things that have been making me feel fabulous, but I noticed a trend this week: color! It’s such a wonderful thing and when it’s paired with gorgeous weather, it really doesn’t get much better. So invite some color in your own life, alright? You can put it in lots o’ places, like…

Your food.

I discovered Wafels and Dinges‘ waffelini in Central Park this week. Holy. Yum.

Your clothes.

What pose am I making? Please excuse the temporary insanity.

Your nails.

I am festive and ready to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day.

And on your roommates.

Ok, so I didn’t actually dress Libby, but I really like her cardigan. And for the record, I was wearing my orange jeans that day.

Now you tell me: where are you finding color these days? 

Feel-Good Friday: Colors and Cashews

Why, hello there. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Man, I’m a doofus for disappearing like that.

Sorry for the unexplained absence, but things have been a bit chaotic these days. And to be honest, I’ve been bumming pretty hard lately and didn’t want to get into it on the blog until I knew more information. Which I still don’t have, so I probably shouldn’t even have said that much. Someone get me a censor!


Anywho, enough of the talk about stuff that makes me sad. I’ll get into it more next week, when people who are smarter than me lay down the law and tell me what’s going on with my life for the next few months. And when I say my life, I really mean my running. Because that’s what life is all about, right? Right?

Ok, maybe not. But still.

So instead of focusing on the debbie-downers in life, let’s chat about the uppie-uppers (I couldn’t think of a female name that would go with uppers…). Here are some things that have been making me feel fabulous over the last week and a half. Maybe they’ll coax a smile out of you, too. 🙂

Conversation hearts. Yes, Valentine’s Day is waaaay over and St. Patrick’s Day is looming, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have these sugar-y treats hanging around. I told you, I like to read them. Not a huge fan of actually eating them. I don’t think the company cares, they still got my money.

I love that one of them says, “Tweet Me.” Oh, social media.

Compression socks. I got a hot pink pair from CEP about two weeks ago and hot damn I think it was love at first sight. I love the bright color (I’m extremely into bold colors right now) and they’ve helped my varicose vein tremendously. I put them on when my legs are all swollen and usually just fall asleep wearing them. They’re not too tight, so I don’t notice. Which is weird because I never used to be able to sleep with socks on. If I ever tried, I’d wake up with them kicked off. Maybe it’s because they’re too tight to kick off?

Anyway, when I wake up, my legs look normal again! They’ve also helped a lot with my recovery after long runs. No major muscle soreness? I can deal with that.

Manicure Mondays. So I didn’t do it this week, but one of these Mondays Libby, my friend Nina and I treated ourselves to mani/pedis at a salon near my apartment. We hadn’t gotten our hands done in forever, and it had been even longer since our feet got the tender treatment, so it was time to indulge.

I’m so glad I did! My manicure lasted over a week! That never happens. I’m one of those girls who has chipped nails less than 24 hours after a manicure, so it was like magic on my hands whenever I realized my fingers were still chip-free.

Actually, I was really sad when I discovered the first flaw. The magic was over. 😦

Cashews and lots o’ veggies. I know I’ve professed my love before, but I have been a veggie machine lately. All I’ve been craving is vegetables and some fruits here and there. Keep the meat away from me and the carbs. Ok, don’t really keep the carbs away. I’ve been eating all of the fuel I need for running, but my palate has only wanted the veggies. I’ve indulged in the work salad bar many times over the last two weeks and I just can’t get myself to think it’s a bad thing. My favorite add-on though? Cashews. Something about that nut gets me every time.


Sparkles. I’ve been planning my outfit for the National Half on St. Patrick’s Day (D.C., here I come!), and let me tell you, it’s full of sparkly goodness. And green, obviously. I might don some gold too, so Dustin can recognize me and so I’m representing Oswego! Whaddup, Lakers!

No, I won’t wear that scarf. But isn’t it pretty? I got it about a month ago and have worn it here and there. My affection for it kicked up a notch last week and I look at it every morning wondering if and how I can incorporate it into my wardrobe. Le sigh.

And there ya have it! Some feel-good fantastic-ness for you on this Friday. Who else is happy it’s Friday? I feel like it took forever to get here. I’m so excited about it, I might even dance to the Glee version of that awful “Friday” song by what’s her name. Now that’s saying something.

You know it’s your turn. Tell me about what’s been making you feel good this week!

Feel-Good Friday: I’m in the Clear

Happy Friday! Does anyone else feel like it’s been a really long week? I have some glorious plans this weekend, so maybe that’s why time seemed to tick by slowly for me. The anticipation kills me!

I’m in such a chipper mood today, so I thought it was the perfect time to bring back Feel-Good Friday. After all, who couldn’t use a little extra pick-me-up to soar into the weekend?


Here are some of the wonderful things that have been making me feel great this weekend:

I get to train for a marathon. Remember back when I made my goals for the year and I was all sorts of nervous about not being able to run the Country Music Marathon in April even though I really, really want to? Well, after six doctor appointments, countless hours of lost sleep and many worried thoughts, I officially found out that I am in the clear! At the end of it all, I was diagnosed with an acute case of tendinitis in the outside of my knee, along with a little bit of built-up scar tissue. Neither of those things will derail my plans and the doc gave me the green light to move into full-blown training mode. Nashville, here I come!

Pandora’s country music stations. I don’t know about the rest of you Pandora users, but the site has been killing it for me. I put one of my many country stations and plow through my to-do list like it’s nobody’s business. As a big Carrie, Rascal and Keith fan (that’s Underwood, Flatts and Urban last names for you who aren’t familiar), I’ve been extremely pleased by those nifty selections.

Country weddings. With all this country talk going on, it’s time to talk about my weekend. As you read this, I’m packing up my bags and headed upstate to celebrate the fabulous union of Dustin’s friend, Cayla, and her fiance, Josh. Dustin and Cayla have known each other since they were little and we’re so excited to be a part of her special day. I plan to run 12 miles in the morning (gotta get ’em in) and then dance the night away basking under the beauty of love ❤

Colored jeans. I’ve been lusting after a pair of red ones for quite some time now, but still haven’t found the ones. You know, the jeans that fit both your waist and your wallet. Never fear, though, because I was lucky enough to nab a deliciously bright pair of orange jeans that I’m 100 percent in love with, along with a new bracelet and necklace. Only 35 bucks in NYC? I’ll take it.

Veggie and nut-filled salads. No dirty jokes here, I know how you guys work 😉 I don’t know what it is, but there’s something special about a salad filled with veggies. I had a serious craving for the produce when lunch time rolled around today and the salad bar at work does a great job of satisfying that urge. Super fresh, super tasty. Oh, and I love cashews. I don’t really care about almonds or walnuts in my salad, but dang, I love the cashews. If that’s wrong, then I just don’t want to be right.

When I had just about a bite left, I thought, “Aw man, I should have taken a picture for the blog!” So I did it anyway. Just trust me; it was delicious.

And that’s all she wrote! Now it’s your turn:

What’s made you feel good this week? And what are you up to this weekend? Favorite song I should request at the wedding?

Feel-Good Friday: Halloween Fun

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and ready to celebrate the weekend in style! Whether you’re a fan of Halloween or not, you should head out and enjoy yourself this weekend! Relax, hang out with friends and don’t think about work. That’s what I plan on doing! Clearly I’m in a good mood, and here are some of the reasons why:

Halloween weekend. I love that Halloween is never fully celebrated in just one day. Ever since I was a freshman in college (go figure), it’s been Halloween weekend and I plan to celebrate the entire time, per usual. We’re having a get-together at my apartment this weekend and we are going all out. Tons of decorations, lots of spooky food and plenty of festive drinks. A sneak peek of my costume:

Any guesses? Totally different than anything I was thinking of when I asked for your guys’ help.

Halloween decorations. I don’t know why, but they just make me happy, even if some of them are cheesy. I’m one of those girls that gets scared really easily, but I don’t mind going to haunted houses and stuff like that. Well, as long as I’m not alone. If I am, then that’s an entirely different story. Anyway, like I said before, we’re going all out on the decorations for our shin dig this weekend, which  makes me beam with giddiness. One of our food servers:

More pictures after the weekend is over, promise!

Cupcakes. They make the world a better place, don’t they? Just like peanut butter. And fro-yo.

Books. I have been a reading machine this week. I finished Once a Runner by John L. Parker, Jr. and am 256 pages into Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos. I have so many books on my reading list right now it’s not even funny, so I’m glad I finally got into another reading kick. My commutes to and from work are giong by much faster.

What’s been making you feel good this week? Are you dressing up for Halloween? Tell me your costume!