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Thank You from the Bride

For every wedding, the bride always says “thank you” in some way to her maid of honor and bridesmaids. Some plan an outing for everyone to go on together and others give gifts. Some wait until right before the wedding and others do it earlier. I received my thank you from Liz at the bridal shower and was instantly brought to tears.

Thanks a lot, Liz.

First, each of us received a thank you note that had a poem and hand-written note inside. I’m not going to share the note for privacy reasons, but here’s the beautiful poem she included.

When I walk down the aisle

On the day I say, “I do”

I’ll put my flowers in your hands

And I’ll be proud to stand next to you.

You’ll be the one who is by my side

On this very special day,

You’ll hold my strength in your heart

Because you stand for me in so many ways.

You have walked with me many times before,

And I am blessed to have you here now.

I treasure the honor of having you by my side

On the day that I say my vows.

Maid of Honor is not only a symbol

But a statement of loyalty and trust.

It gives new meaning to the bond

And the devotion we have between us.

So cute and heartwarming, right? I cried like a baby before I even got to the more personal stuff.

She also gave me cute little gifts that either matched my personality or would be necessary for the wedding day.


  1. Kleenex — Because I’ve already proven that I’ll bawl like a baby at the wedding.
  2. Johnson’s body care “Melt Away Stress” Lavendar & Chamomile Lotion — Is she saying I have dry skin? I think it’s because she’s aware of how much stress I’ve been under lately.
  3. Mini Notebook — for the journalistic notes I’m always taking.
  4. Handmade blue makeup bag with my name embroidered on it — her mom made these for all of us! Super cute.

But the one that stole the show…


A high heel bottle opener! Shoes are my weakness and the same goes for Liz. She told me she saw the bottle opener and simply couldn’t leave the store without buying it. Obviously! Isn’t it adorable?

I'm going to be so fancy opening up bottles.

I'm in love.

If anyone could walk out of the store without this, I give them major props. It’s going to be put to good use once I’m officially moved into my new apartment 🙂

As a maid of honor, I just want to say that these gifts meant a lot to me. The actual presents were very nice and thoughtful, and I love that parts of it fit my personality rather than just a generic gift, but the note was the best part. It meant the world to me to have Liz recognize and actually thank me for the work that I’ve put into her special day. After all, weddings are a lot of work! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every minute of this process and I’m glad I’m so involved with everything, but it truly meant so much to have her thank me for my efforts. She not only thanked me for my work, but reminisced on all of the good times we’ve had and everything we’ve been through together. Sometimes a little recognition is the best gift.

I truly have the best friend in the world and I cannot wait to stand next to her while she marries such an amazing guy.

Are you in any weddings this summer? What are some of the best gifts you’ve gotten from a bride?