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Halloween in Pictures

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Anyone else have a fun costume this year? I still can’t believe Dustin dressed up as a Super Trooper.

Good night!

Feel-Good Friday: Halloween Fun

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and ready to celebrate the weekend in style! Whether you’re a fan of Halloween or not, you should head out and enjoy yourself this weekend! Relax, hang out with friends and don’t think about work. That’s what I plan on doing! Clearly I’m in a good mood, and here are some of the reasons why:

Halloween weekend. I love that Halloween is never fully celebrated in just one day. Ever since I was a freshman in college (go figure), it’s been Halloween weekend and I plan to celebrate the entire time, per usual. We’re having a get-together at my apartment this weekend and we are going all out. Tons of decorations, lots of spooky food and plenty of festive drinks. A sneak peek of my costume:

Any guesses? Totally different than anything I was thinking of when I asked for your guys’ help.

Halloween decorations. I don’t know why, but they just make me happy, even if some of them are cheesy. I’m one of those girls that gets scared really easily, but I don’t mind going to haunted houses and stuff like that. Well, as long as I’m not alone. If I am, then that’s an entirely different story. Anyway, like I said before, we’re going all out on the decorations for our shin dig this weekend, which  makes me beam with giddiness. One of our food servers:

More pictures after the weekend is over, promise!

Cupcakes. They make the world a better place, don’t they? Just like peanut butter. And fro-yo.

Books. I have been a reading machine this week. I finished Once a Runner by John L. Parker, Jr. and am 256 pages into Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos. I have so many books on my reading list right now it’s not even funny, so I’m glad I finally got into another reading kick. My commutes to and from work are giong by much faster.

What’s been making you feel good this week? Are you dressing up for Halloween? Tell me your costume!

Halloween Help

I hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend so far, and good luck to everyone who’s racing this weekend! I don’t have very much access to a computer while I’m away, so I’ll be sure to give you all the glorious details of my trip once I’m back in the Big Apple. If you want up-to-date details, make sure to follow me on Twitter.


I know it’s hard to believe (at least it’s hard for me to believe), but Halloween is right around the corner — only two weeks away! The roomies and I are planning on throwing a fully decked out Halloween party, so I’m in dire need of a costume. I dress up every single year, sometimes in multiple costumes each year — hey, I was in college! We celebrated all weekend. Let’s go back in time for a bit and catch a glimpse of my previous beauties.

Freshman year of college was a bit of a rebellious year for me. I had fun dressing up as a pirate while my roommate-at-the-time, Lizz, dressed up as a ref. Yep, we were those girls.

Sophomore year involved a quick trip to the local thrift store as I had no money for a costume. One search through the kids section and I quickly became a Bills football player. As a die-hard Patriots fan, it took a lot for me to don this costume. Little did I know it would end up making Dustin unbelievably happy (we hadn’t met yet), as he’s a huge Bills fan.

Junior year involved two costumes. One night I was an 80’s girl, but Dustin was lame and didn’t dress up. The second night was the real celebration, and we hit the town dressed as Danny and Sandy from Grease.

That was the full get-up. I rocked those red heels!

Last year Dustin and I ventured down the couples route again. For actual Halloween, we were Waldo and Wenda from Where’s Waldo? The next night I was a hippie and he was a mime, so we were Peace & Quiet! Deep, I know.

Now I need your help! What should I be this year? There’s no need to do a couple’s costume, but those suggestions are always welcome. Right now, this is my front runner:

Pebbles from The Flinstones!

But if I could get a group of gals in on it, I would love to wear this:


Finally, I’m also considering this:

Michael Jackson — Billie Jean is not my lova!

What do you think? Cast your vote or give me any other suggestions! 

P.S. The Ghirardelli chocolate giveaway is only open until tomorrow night, so don’t forget to enter!