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Pushing through Mental Blockades

I survived the first week of training and rightfully earned my rest day! It’s been hard to schedule my workouts while settling back into school, but I managed to squeeze in enough time to finish the required amount according to my plan.

However, I have felt the mental blockades start to creep in. Remember, I haven’t run more than a 10K before and that was a few years ago, so the thought of running 13.1 miles at a time is a bit daunting. In fact, it’s so intimidating that I try not to look ahead on my schedule and instead only focus on whatever I need to complete that day.

Yesterday I was required to run/walk four miles, so I plugged in my summer playlist and set out determined to run as much of the distance as I could. I completed two miles before I had to stop and tie my shoe, which sparked the mental anxiety. Thoughts of doubt started to seep in, such as:

  • Just finish this song, then you can stop.
  • There’s no way you can finish that distance right now.
  • My leg is too swollen (I’ve cleared it with my doctor, so deep down I know this isn’t true).
  • There’s not enough blood flow in my left leg.
  • You’re not ready for this.
  • I feel like I’m carrying an extra 10 pounds on my left leg.
  • I’m so tired.
  • My body hurts.
  • You’ve done great so far, you can just pick up the slack later.

This is going to be my biggest struggle throughout my training and race day. I caved every once in awhile and walked, but didn’t allow myself to walk for more than the duration of one song. Luckily, one song popped on at just the right time to really get the mojo flowing again.

Music makes you lose control.

“Push Push,” by Kat DeLuna and Akon got me back on track and motivated me to keep running. I know it’s not about working out or goals, but I took some of the lyrics to heart. Which ones? The chorus, of course!

Push, push, push baby don’t stop for a minute.

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh!

I said push, push baby take it to the limit!

In the end, I ended up pushing through and running 5.6 miles! It took me longer than I would’ve liked, but I’m really proud of myself for finishing! I’m not unbelievably sore today either, so I’m amped up for tomorrow’s workout!

Completed in 1:01:05

What do you do to get through mental blockades? How do you keep the motivation flowing?

Working Out with Glee

Lately, music has been dominating my days. I just have that urge to listen to tunes all the time, whether I’m in the shower, at work or pumpin’ iron. I find myself often tuning Pandora to my Glee channel (my co-workers might be getting irritated), especially because I’m still so happy with all of the Golden Globes that the Glee cast went home with Sunday!

Before I headed to the gym today I created a Glee playlist to see if they could keep me moving during my entire sweat session. Turns out, they can! The medley of songs I put together were a great concoction of fast, upbeat tunes to push me, and a few slower ones to let me recuperate.

Turns out I’m not the only one who wants to sweat it to Glee, either. If you’re in NYC, check out the Glee workout at Crunch Fitness. The instructor, Carol Johnson, dresses up as one of the characters every week and the class dances — and sings! — to the songs in a week’s episode. I can’t wait to check it out!

Below is the playlist of Glee songs I used — enough for about an hour-long workout. The mashups turned out to be my favorite, just like they are when I watch the show. I’m going to keep mixing and matching though, and I’ll keep you posted whenever I make good changes!

If you’re not as big of a Gleek as I am but still like the songs I chose, I also included links to the regular artists of each song. Enjoy!

Bad Romance Lady Gaga

Gives You Hell All-American Rejects

My Life Would Suck Without YouKelly Clarkson

Safety Dance Men Without Hats

It’s My Life/Confessions MashupBon Jovi and Usher

4 MinutesMadonna

Borderline/Open Your Heart Mashup Madonna

Express YourselfMadonna

Like A VirginMadonna

Halo/Walking on Sunshine Mashup Beyoncé and Katrina and the Waves

Me Against the MusicBritney Spears

Stronger Britney Spears

Teenage DreamKaty Perry

Forget YouCee Lo Green

Start Me Up/ Livin’ On A Prayer Mashup Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi

Marry YouBruno Mars

Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind Mashup The Supremes and En Vogue

Any Way You Want It/Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ Mashup Journey

You Keep Me Hangin’ OnKim Wilde

Just the Way You Are —  Bruno Mars

What are some of your favorite Glee songs?

Rockin’ Summer Playlist

Sweet, sweet summertime

Now that I’ve fully admitted to the fact that I really don’t enjoy winter, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m already craving summer. Actually, I’ve been daydreaming about the beach since the third week of November (yes, that’s when the bitter cold starts to seep in at Oswego). So it makes sense that music about summer tends to pump me up the most during my workouts. The pulsating beats that go along with the warm-weather lyrics syncs with my heartbeat and I always find myself running farther, spinning faster and pumping out more reps.

In the hope that winter decides to be a shorter season this year, here are some of my top workout tunes that are mostly about summer in some way or another. There’s a mix of old stuff with new and warm-up tunes with fast-flowing beats. Enjoy!

“Summerboy” by Lady Gaga — She makes it clear that she’s only interested in a summer romance, but wants to make it a summer to remember. Who can blame her?

“18 Till I Die” by Bryan Adams — Summer always makes me think of younger years.

“Boys in the Summer” by Jessie James — One of my all-time faves. I can’t help but sing every time it plays.

“DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” by Usher — Summer love found at a beach party, maybe?

“Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys — This song always reminds me of my 2010 summer.

“Endless Summer” by Cascada — Hoping that summer love will never end.

“Day ‘n’ Night” by Kid Cudi — They’re practically the same when you’re young and it’s summer.

“California Gurls” by Katy Perry — “Daisy dukes, bikinis on top.” Enough said.

“Summer Love” by Justin Timberlake — Who doesn’t want to think about J.T. with his shirt off?


“Memories” by David Guetta and Kid Cudi — This is mostly just about partying, but it has a great techno beat.

“Sexy Chick” by David Guetta and Akon — Watch this music video and you’ll understand why it makes me think of summer.

“Starstruckk” by 3OH!3 and Katy Perry — For those of you who love being single, especially during summer.

“Call N’ Return” by Hellogoodbye — Tryin’ to have fun in the sun while still missin’ someone. (Good rhymes, eh?)

“All Summer Long” by Kid Rock — Kid Rock manages to capture some of the greatest things about this season in one song.

“Boys of Summer” by The Ataris — This song is completely different from the similarly named track by Jessie James, but I love them both.

What summer tunes do you like? Are you, like me, hoping summer comes quick?

Ultimate Breakup Playlist

iPod-like turquoise icon

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After a breakup, the first thing girls do is head to the ice cream aisle of the grocery store and pick up a pint (or half-gallon) of Ben & Jerry’s. We love chocolate, and for some reason it has magical feel-good powers when mixed with milk and cream. But does it do anything for your self-esteem? Or your waistline? Not a chance.

Guys on the other hand, often head to the gym post-breakup. They like to grunt and sweat out their frustrations. Even though this may seem intimidating at first sight, they’re on to something.  Not only does working out release endorphins and trigger serotonin in your brain, which elevate your overall mood, but you’re also making yourself look hotter! So if you’re suffering from a heart-break, put down the ice cream, walk out of the store and sprint to the closest gym.

Once you’re there, you’re going to want some tunes to keep you pumping. After all, music makes you lose control. My suggestion: add a playlist to your iPod and name it something like “Badass Moves” or “Sweating My Way Sexy.” Here are some songs that will keep you moving through your workout, whether you’re running, spinning, or lifting weights.

“Hot N Cold” — Katy Perry

“Bulletproof” — La Roux

“Since U Been Gone” — Kelly Clarkson

“Ridin’ Solo” — Jason DeRulo

“Gives You Hell” — The All-American Rejects

“Take it Off” — Ke$ha

“Fighter” — Christina Aguilera

“Love the Way You Lie” — Eminem featuring Rihanna

“Not Afraid” — Eminem

“Picture to Burn” — Taylor Swift (For my country fans!)

“Best Days of Your Life” — Kellie Pickler (Again, for my country lovers!)

Enjoy these songs and watch your ex eat his (or her!) heart out next time he sees you.

What other breakup songs do you like?