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Making Goals

Whenever I hear the word “goal,” I automatically think of a European announcer during a soccer (I mean, futbol) game screaming:


Best. Sport. Ever.

I guess it’s the soccer addict in me 🙂

Fortunately, I understand that “goal” has multiple meanings. In fact, I like to set a lot of goals for basically every aspect of my life. Then I create a to-do list to make sure I reach that goal. I’m totally a type-A personality.

Since graduation, I’ve basically abandoned all goal-setting techniques and let myself chill out for a bit. I’m sick of that already, so it’s time to get back into the routine I’m used to. Some big alterations need to be made though because well, I’ve graduated and everything is changing. So I don’t overwhelm you (or myself), let’s take things one step at a time, shall we?

New Fitness Goals.

We already know that I signed up for my first full-marathon on National Running Day. However, the race isn’t until April 2012, so I don’t need to start a training plan yet. Instead, we’ll start small.

1. Increase weekly mileage. 

Lately I’ve been just going with the flow and not really pushing myself as much as I could. I ran 10.5 miles and biked 4.5 miles this last week, which isn’t so hot. I’d like to get back up to 25 miles per week because I plan to run a half-marathon for my 22nd birthday celebration in November (I’m such a nerd). So this week, I’d like to get 15 miles of running in and 5-7 miles of biking. At one point, I want to complete a five-mile run because it’s been awhile since I’ve done that.

Run it out.

2. Get back into strength training.

I really miss it. Besides a few tricep dips, plank sets and oblique twists here and there, I haven’t done any this week. Part of it is because I’m waiting for my brother to look at my back so I don’t injure myself more. The other part is because I don’t have a gym membership while I’m living with my parents, and they don’t have any weights. I was doing body weight exercises before my back really started bothering me, but I quit because the pain was scarily intense. Justin moved home today, so I’m hoping to get back to strength work this week.

Tone me up.

3. Eat more fruit.

Now that summer is officially here, so much fruit is in season! I love basically any type of berry, can’t get enough watermelon, and constantly crave apples and grapes during the summer. I’ve dabbled in the fruit department since I’ve been home, but I plan to dive in head first as soon as possible. I began my dive with this delicious bowl of goodies:

I heart berries.

What fitness goals do you have for the week?