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Somebody’s Gonna Miss You

This week is pretty insane, to say the least. Things are very busy at work, I’m moving to a new apartment throughout the week, I have various engagements every night and I’m going out of town for a wedding this weekend.

But the craziest thing is that this girl is leaving.

Karla is one of my favorite co-workers and after sitting with our desks right next to each other for the past year, we’ve gotten quite close. So much, in fact, that we’re often finishing each other’s sentences or jinxing because we’re just saying the same thing simultaneously. Cute stuff, I know.

But alas, New York is not quite her scene, and she’s heading back to the Midwest to be closer to her family and in an environment she’s more comfortable with. Although it sucks to see her go (she seriously is the nicest person in the world), I totally understand and respect her decision. But I expect plenty of visits!

Nonetheless, I’ve been devoting as much of my evening time to her as possible this week. As my Spinning buddy, we usually hit up one of Danny’s SoulCycle classes together. When I found out she was leaving, plans began to form and Danny and I secretly started planning a goodbye ride. My job? Get her there and bring the balloons. Done and done.

Although there was a brief scare because she was wait listed during sign ups on Monday.

Luckily, the Soul fairy sprinkled its dust and got us on bikes right next to each other before class began. Karla walked in, saw a bike pimped out with ribbons and blue balloons, and realized what we were up to. Especially when “Bye, Bye, Bye” started blasting overhead. Although I’m a BSB girl through and through, N*Sync has a special hold on K, so including the boys was crucial.

Danny took us through a fantastic class where we sweat a lot, smiled ear-to-ear, had water sprayed on us and then cried when  Rihanna’s “Farewell” came on near the end. Damn that song is emotional. It was such a great way to send our girl back to the Midwest.

Then we met up with our co-worker, John, to chat about life and enjoy some adult beverages.

What a bunch of cutie patooties those two are.

Then we spun again today. But this time, Ali came along for the ride. We’d been trying to make a date for a while now, so it was perfect timing that this finally came to fruition. It was now or never not until next time she’s in town!

We took Parker’s class, which was a first for all of us, and while it wasn’t “OMG holy sweatiness that was unbelievably fantastic,” we left with a good layer of sweat and smiles. And then we ate 16 Handles. Obviously.

I forgot to take a picture. Bad blogger.

Tomorrow we’ll have a final sendoff for this girl after work and I’m pretty excited. It still hasn’t quite hit me that she’s really leaving. We’re gonna miss you, K, but I’m just telling myself that September will be here before you know it!


Rest In Peace, Clare

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, and there are reasons behInd my decision to step away from my little space on the Internet. But I couldn’t stay away today. The fitness community had their world turned upside down yesterday when it was announced that Clare Veronica Walsh, a wonderful, beautiful, inspiring SoulCycle spinning instructor, had passed away.

Clare was such a great woman, always full of life and she brought such a vivid energy to everything she did. I had the honor of taking many of her classes and absolutely loved every single one. She made you work hard and praised you for your accomplishments every single step of the way. When I signed up to take a class with Clare, I often left feeling invigorated and inspired, hoping that I could one day reach the same level of awesomeness that Clare was at on a daily basis.

While I don’t know all of the details about what happened to Clare, I can say that she was young, beautiful, caring and extremely compassionate. My heart breaks whenever I think about this situation, and I can’t even imagine what her family, close friends and fellow SoulCycle instructors must be going through. My loving thoughts and prayers are with you all ❤

This is definitely a time to grieve and reflect on the wonderful life that Clare lived, and to unite with everyone that Clare impacted (I know there are many). However, I'm going to do my best to honor Clare. Her sudden and unexpected passing is a harsh reminder that life is short and it will be over before we know it. So hug the ones you love tight, and tell them how you really feel. Tell them often, every single day that you can, because you never know when you'll see them again. And live life to the fullest. Chase after your dreams and forget about everyone who tells you you can't. You'll never regret trying.

I know many people will be dedicating their workouts in the coming days to Clare, just like I will. Although tears may be shed, I'll clip into my bike with her beautiful face in my mind and pedal as hard as I can, rocking the front row as much as possible. No matter how much it may hurt, we know that's what she would want. Rest in peace, Clare. God received a beautiful angel now, and there are so many here that will never forget you.